Exorcising the Demons

All of us design lovers are a little crazy when it comes to our own spaces.  Personally, I treat my own home design a little bit like therapy for myself.  I soul search, I rearrange, I tweak and I agonize until it feels “right.”  A change in mood or lifestyle for me can mean complete upheaval for the loft.  The past few months have been really difficult for me, personally, and I find that I’ve turned to my apartment as my coping method.  Not only is it the place I can retreat to when I need to hide away from the world, but it’s also my palette to express myself.  I rationalize that in times of pain or loss, it’s important to find one’s voice.  Well my loudest voice is my design personality, and I’m letting her roar.

(Old Furniture Plan)

In the quest for perfection-or maybe just a little clarity- I’ve been scrutinizing every inch of my apartment.  It’s not only about what looks pretty, but also what functions well.  Last week I started moving things around.  Actually I moved EVERYTHING.  All the snapshots you’ve seen?  No longer exist.  And while I’d like to claim it’s been a complete success, instead I feel like I’m living amongst chaos.  Spare tables and chairs are lying around in the middle of my loft.  My desk and bench can’t seem to find the right home. If my apartment is my voice, does that mean I am completely nuts?

(Present Furniture Plan)

It’s a domino effect.  First I moved my Eames lounge to my open, awkward entry area.  I LOVE it. I think these chairs look best on their own, and it’s the perfect reading spot.  Next I wanted to re-purpose my office nook, as it wasn’t getting used and the whole area was pissing me off.  I moved my bookcase over there and it looks fab.  But bookcases look good anywhere.  Meanwhile desk may go where it’s shown in the new plan, but I really prefer bench there.  I need something for the wall to the left of the Eames, but desk is too deep.  I keep running in circles.  (And hurting my back hauling furniture by myself.)

This post is not about my solution, it’s about my intention.  I plan to exercise my demons and I am determined to win.  By the time the crisp breezes of fall are upon us, I WILL be finished my living area.  After all, there is only so much time I can spend analyzing and feeling stuck.  Life moves forward, and so shall I.

Are you feeling stuck in your own home design? (or life for that matter?)  Let’s motivate eachother, okay?  Deal.

Happy Monday.


  1. LOL, Kate, thanks for correcting me. Grammar is not my forte. I should probably just stick to pretty pictures.

  2. kate

    Love your blog – but because I am a spelling nazi – must mention – the word is exorcise not exercise. It’s not cardio for demons – it’s getting rid of them! good luck!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough season. Life can be a bitch like that.

    Thank goodness that we have a design voice to use! I love your changes and you have a ton of people on your team!

  4. You have seen the storage unit I live in, right? It’s the classic “cobbler’s children wear no shoes” situation – designers homes always look unfinished while their client’s homes look great! I think it is emotionally satisfying to move things around and to always be thinking of what’s next. Your home is your laboratory, and how you stay inspired!
    E (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  5. I have not a single doubt that when you are finished with it, that living space will rock everyone’s face off! Sometimes it takes a little time, a lot of moving, and a mountain load of pondering to get it just right…I know you’ll get there!!!

  6. Yah…you know I am. Totally feel the same and I wonder, if I ever do finish decorating, will I have nothing to obsess about in my free time?

    Love an Eames lounge as a statement piece too. You’re entry bench is so fab tho I hope it also gets to shine as a focal point!

    How goes the bookshelf accessorizing?

  7. I’m stuck too!! I don’t know where my head be!!

  8. nkp

    I want to chuck everything and start from scratch. Does that count?

  9. Sadly I have no layouts other than the one we currently have, but I am sooooo sick of wanting to redo everything. It all just needs to go!

  10. I love the reading area and how when you peek into the living area from the entry it seems more open. I’m all about changing things (obviously). I think people think I’m crazy with my need to move things around, but I think that’s definitely how our spaces evolve to become their best version. Wow, that sounded cheesy, but what I was trying to say is “no, you’re not nuts. and yes, I’m right there with you. and more power to you!”

  11. I can’t believe you can do it by yourself……but after looking at the new plan…I like it. A little less predictable. Can’t wait to see it in all it’s glory!

  12. I think if you read my post back to Basics and simple can be pretty it might give you a little help!! It helps me when I feel at sorts,Kathysue

  13. Naomi, change is good and can help.
    My neighbour is changing her house constantly, and one look is as great as the other.She’s got great atste and is a real interior designer manquee.I do feel she creates out of unhappiness sometimes,just to change so her life feels different, but the changes she makes, make her happy for a while- so – go for it.

  14. I have the most annoying living room that is pretty much conducive to just one furniture arrangement. Or maybe I need a designer’s expert eye…

  15. Brandi

    I’m definitely stuck in terms of my master bedroom. I’m having trouble finding the perfect fabrics for headboards and curtains so nothing else can fall into place until I find that. Guess I just need to let it go for now!

  16. This was a wonderful post. And very much needed! I’m in the same place and it’s good to read that I’m not the only one and be motivated to work through it.

  17. Karena

    Oh I would love to see images of the changes, Naomi!


    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a very special painting!

  18. I’m feeling the same about moving pretty much everything in my house…it doesn’t look exactly right, but I don’t know where to move it…but instead of moving it around and figuring it out, I just leave it. How’s that for completely lazy??? (c: I’m up for some motivation, GO TEAM!!!

  19. Erin

    You know I am. Wish I could come over and play decorating party at your house and then you could come to mine!

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