DM Project: Family Room Before and After

Oh, Hey.  I’m admittedly a little slow to get into gear this morning.  I had a really social weekend and I’m plain pooped.  So to get myself excited, I’m sharing a client project today.

This is the family room of a long-term client.  We had done 4 rooms together before starting the family room and at this point felt quite comfortable with each other.  (My favorite way to design!)  What originally started as a small project- we were just going to change out the rug, coffee table and chairs around the game table- turned into a slightly larger transformation.  I like this project because it’s a common situation; a room where many pieces are to stay and a few are to go.  How to give it a whole new personality?

This is the room before its makeover.  The sofas, game table, fireplace and wall color were to stay.  Often the easiest way to change a room is through the wall color, so working around this color was both fun and challenging.

The first thing I did was tweak the layout.  I centered the sofas over the fireplace, shifting the whole room to the right.  We then designed a custom ottoman to ground the seating area.  We added in warm pinks, deep teals and animal prints to contrast with the deep tan walls.  The goal was a comfortable, happy, eclectic space that would be kid-friendly.

Here is the after!  One small thing we did was add a moulding around the fireplace tile surround.  It feels so much more finished now.  I love those antique screens I found for over the fireplace.

It was fun shopping for interesting pieces to complete the “global feel” of the room.

For instance, this buffet we used under the television is really intricate and pretty.  You can’t see in this shot, but there is a bookcase to the left of the TV that houses the components and other pretties.

My favorite piece in the room is the ottoman, though!

Over here, we kept the table, but added a antique suzani tablecloth on top of it.  There is a glass topper that protects it, so this table is completely functional.  We also switched out the chairs and chandelier.  The light was custom-made by Lindsey at Simply Salvage.

Like most of my jobs, this room is a mix of high and low, retail and vintage.  Despite the same room color, new textiles and a few furnishings totally changed the feel of this space.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  2. Sandra Summers

    Where can I find the fabric used on the ottoman ? Absolutely love this overall look !

    • Naomi

      Thanks Sandra! It a Manuel Canovas fabric. Please email me if you would like further information. (naomi at

  3. AHHH finally a perfect example of how to work with existing beigey/tan wall colours! I’ve never seen someone transform the look of a room so completely without paint. I’m loving all your work!

  4. Most designers would have been stumped at having to keep the paint color and most of the stuff… killed it with your design! Sometimes it takes us out of the box to have to work with things and can actually be better than starting over!

  5. I think these kinds of designs are so impressive – working primarily with what the person already has but kicking it up a notch.

  6. I never thought I could like a space with those wall colors. You proved me wrong gurlfriend! I heart it!

  7. ash

    Love it, Naomi! Your spaces always look so comfortable and obtainable. Could you please tell me about the ottoman? It’s perfection!!

  8. Totally global and updated feel to the space! Love. It. Great wayto showcase the fact that you do not always need to toss everything out and start from scratch. Kudos lady.

  9. It looks so pretty – love the ottoman!!

  10. The ottoman is my favorite part too! The buffet comes in at a close second. It has great detail. I noticed the books and flowers are switched in the second reveal photo. I love noticing that stuff. Magazines do it all the time.

  11. Working with existing items can be quite the challenge but you did a beautiful job! I love the ottoman too. Where is that fabric from?

  12. Such great work! I have a client I’m feeling particularly challenged with. She basically wants to create the “before” in this post, and I’ve had a hard time looking past what is not ideal.
    This, now this, gives me hope!

  13. It looks so much lighter and happier in there. I love the colors and accessories you added. The room now has tons more personality. You work wonders

  14. The Now

    WOW!!!! You are right, the furniture , fixtures and textiles really changed the feeling of it!! That ottoman coffee table is so good! Love all the fabrics!!! xoxo

  15. Absolutely love this Naomi. And the lamps are fantastic. Vintage? I love this type of makeover too and I’m changing my marketing to reflect it. I think there’s a real need as most folks need help with the final layers. You always do such great work, Naomi!

  16. Erin

    Amazing what just a few new pieces can do!

  17. what a huge transformation even with retaining some of the large pieces. terrific job, gal! donna

  18. Ashley

    This is why everyone’s banging down your door. And you didn’t trash everything and start from scratch–that’s even cooler. I love the round table to the left of the sofa and all the patterns happening in this room.

  19. it’s glorious, yo! LOVE the infusion of color. so very fresh. and, yes, that ottoman is nails. oxox

  20. WOW Naomi you’ve done it again. You took a fine looking, but pretty basic and generic room, and infused it with so much personality! I especially love the new dining area chairs!

  21. what a tremendous difference! Amazing what a big change it made to shift the couch over. And of course love all the global accents.


  22. Tara

    I love it, Naomi! This is so similar to what I’d like for you to do with our living/family room soon (though, I cannot WAIT to paint the walls)! I’m saving my pennies to make the transformation sometime in 2013. This has made me even more excited about it! THanks for sharing!

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