DM Project: Client W Living Room Before and After

Hey guys.  Today is a fun today because it’s the last Before & After Project for Client W.  This room- the living room- also happens to be my favorite room in the house.  We started with great bones; windows on three sides, great light and a fireplace.  

The real issue was the furniture arrangement.  With the sofa cross-wise in the space, it cut the room in the half and the beautiful back windows weren’t being enjoyed.  We decided to move things around, add seating, remove the television armoire and update the fireplace mantel.

Here is the room before… 

We moved the sofa to the long wall and made a slipcover for it to soften the modern lines.  The Barcelona chairs moved to the back windows.  This is now a lovely reading area.  I never liked the back of the Barcelonas at the front of the room, but the new settee has a lovely back and I think it fits well here.

My clients really didn’t care for the old fireplace.  The mantel wasn’t their style and the gas function didn’t appeal to them.

Since they have a working wood fireplace in their Family Room, we disconnected this gas fireplace and filled it will logs.  We also designed a new wood mantel.  Christiana Cabinetry made the mantel for us.  The mirror above was a vintage find.

One of my goals with the space was to mix traditional and global pieces in with my clients’ existing modern furnishings.  We replaced the low modern sideboard to the right of the fireplace with a vintage ebonized commode.  It took me months to find a piece that wasn’t crazy expensive but I’m so happy with the one we ended up scoring.

Here we see the French Settee with commode and foyer in the background.  The oil paintings were part of my clients collection.  When paired in threes they look three times more chic.  The middle pillow was one of the first fabrics I chose for the room.  I love it!  (Some of you may recognize that I used a scrap of this fabric in my own loft.)

As I mentioned above, it’s the same sofa as before, just covered with a slipcover and lots of fun pillows!  We continued the theme of yellow, pink and blue that we have going on in the contiguous foyer, powder room and dining room.  The rug is an over-dyed Persian.  It totally makes the room.

One of my favorite details is the vintage Blanc de Chine table lamps.  The iron end tables are pretty fun too, though.

The coffee table is a great weathered wood in a cross pattern.  No need for coasters here!  Actually the whole room was designed with my clients young sons in mind.  Even the white cotton slipcover can be pulled off and washed.

We added a tulip table between my clients Barcelona chairs.  Behind them is a vintage Asian console I stumbled upon while shopping one day in Philadelphia.  The fiddle leaf fig and driftwood floor lamp balance out each side.

One last look at the coffee table styling.  My clients gave me carte blanche and I had a fun time mixing in vintage and new items.

And that, my friends, is the last of Project Client W.  That is until we tackle the master suite.  Hopefully next year?  I feel so fortunate for having such amazing clients who totally get my vision!

I hope you liked the tour.   Get caught up on the dining room, foyer, powder room and family room.

Thank you to Courtney Apple for taking al of the lovely images

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  2. Just came across your blog for the first time. Love this room. Can you share the paint color? It looks different in all of the pics but it looks great!

  3. LDD

    SOOO beautiful!! Can you share the name & brand of the paint color? Is it white…is it pale gray…I don’t know, but it looks wonderful!

  4. Ah-mazing!!! I can’t say anything everyone else hasn’t already said, but I LOVE it!! xo

  5. You have to love a before and after. I love what was done with the fireplace. It went from meh to so warm and amazing.



  6. Girl, I am WAY behind on my blog reading. Hate to sound like a broken record, but this room is stunning! You really knocked it out of the park on this one. Every detail is perfect. Revel in the glory. Oh, and by the way, where did you find that inlaid tray on the coffee table? It’s a great size.

  7. Saw this on Bijou’s blog – amazing job on the living room!!

  8. Here’s what I love about you: Your projects don’t all look the same. You’re versatile, and that’s fab. I LOVE this room!

  9. Anonymous

    Beautiful room. I like the splashes of color and that rug is gorgeous. Such a comfortable room. Well done!


  10. I am speechless…you have talent out the wazoo. I love how collected this room looks… incredible!

  11. i know i’m a little late to this party, but just had to comment…this is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! i literally love every single little detail. practical and genius use of slipcover with existing sofa, and just great finds all around…awesome job!!

  12. LWP

    WOW! You are one talented mothafuka! I want to hang out in your head for a while. This is absolutely stunning and gives me tons of inspiration!

  13. Whoa girl!!! This looks awesome!! I’m just about to take the plunge and ditch the old ‘family’ sectional for a regular sofa and have been stumped on other seating. Never been a settee fan for casual/modernized spaces but this WORKS. What’s the upholstery situation on that beauty? Love everything about this room.

  14. Jules

    Absolutely beautiful job on this project! I especially Love the rug and coffee table! You are one talented lady 🙂 Now off to check out the other rooms you designed.

  15. Very cool pieces…each one with it’s own personality, and super energy when they are all together. Great job!

  16. Amber

    What a gorgeous room! I am in love with all details, especially the rug and the weathered table!

  17. Nancy

    Fantastic Naomi! I love it, and die for that settee and the barcelona chairs. You have totally given that room panache! Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  18. Amazing Naomi! Everything is perfect! Love the fireplace, the art and the coffee table styling!

  19. Well done lady! Beautifully comfortable. I’m sure your client is thrilled!

  20. Great before and after!
    The living room is much more open now and it seems bigger too!
    And I’m il love with the tray ♥

  21. Love this!!!! It’s such a great mix of modern and traditional. I’ve never seen such a great mix of the two.

  22. Naomi great change!! Adore the rug, the mix of contemporary and traditional;the window give so much light, etc!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  23. Katie

    Why oh why can’t I live near the DM crew?!? I covet this room. That blue rug rocks my socks off!! It is so amazing that you can incorporate the family’s practical needs into this stunning (and very white) room. So so good.

  24. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful Naomi! Every last piece of it is pefection, you just keep getting better which I didn’t even think was possible.

  25. Great job at usual Nay. I’m really loving the 5th after shot. That’s straight out of a magazine. You managed to do white walls so well. The commode is crazy beautiful. I also love your mantel styling. Simple yet unique with only the two pieces of art on the right side. Bravo!

  26. I feel kinda stupid getting on here and gushing every time you post one of your projects like a crazy groupie…but unfortunately for me, I *am* a crazy DM groupie (c; Today isn’t really one of my designated “commenting” days, but when I saw this on Insta, I just couldn’t resist checking out the full project! Seriously, that pic of the commode with that ridiculously amazing lamp is going in the file of dreams. Girl, you’ve outdone yourself. Again. (c;

  27. Anonymous

    You’re very talented. I just love how this room came out. I’m really wishing that you worked in the Washington, D.C. area so that I could hire you when we get our new house! Especially because we might need a contractor as well.

  28. Kristen

    LOVE love LOVE the way this room came out. That rug is so inspiring and love the coffee table. I’m all about the convenience of slip covers and this couch turned out so well!

  29. It is so beautiful! Really a Great job. I love the way you styled the Fireplace.

    The whole mix of old and new. Just stunning!!

  30. LOVE it! What a great job softening up their slick furniture and bridging the gap to their oil painting–the other end of the spectrum. Love the whole house!

  31. Leah

    love every piece you picked for the room! beautiful, but effortless looking.

  32. Love it so much! You did an amazing job. I love that you mix eras and styles so effortlessly. The rug totally brings it all together.

  33. Incredible! Love it ALL!

  34. Erin

    It’s rare that I love every single thing in a room, but I do. ALL OF IT.

    Congratulations on an amazing transformation!

    ps, gimme that fireplace!

  35. @Kelly Jo- the pink lamp is quartz. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

    Thanks for all of the sweet comments, guys! So glad you like all of the details.

  36. Sandra

    Love love love. Your work here is amazing.

  37. This is so beautiful! What a transformation throughout the entire house. So much fun to see the before and afters. It’s amazing!!

  38. Jessica

    You have the BEST eye for details! Those brass cranes are awesome! I love how you make every single project so unique. Great job, as always!

  39. I love your blog!!! I can’t find you on bloglovin’ though?

  40. It is amazing how much larger a room can look when you move furniture. The pillows are amazing!!!! Turned out to be a fantastic finish!

  41. love the new room. any chance you could describe the pink lamp? very unusual…

  42. Stunning! I’m obsessed with the settee, mantle arrangement and that commode…wowzers- so so perfect. You are VERY talented my dear!

  43. I love all the accessories you put in the room. I would just sit in there and look at all the pretty things. The mirror above the mantel is my favorite.

  44. Saw this on MadebyGirl! Congrats on the feature. I’m absolutely smitten with the room! I love the art above the couch, and I agree, the barcelonas look much better from the front than the back!

  45. E.

    beautiful – love all the global accents!

  46. only the BEST work you have ever done. the pillows and rug totally make the space, but it’s obvious each piece was chosen carefully. great job. donna

  47. Loooove the restyle!!! Love. It looks so collected and perfect!

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