DM Project: Client W Dining Room Before and After

It’s Thursday and I have another project reveal for you! So far I’ve shown you Client W’s foyer, powder room and family room and today it’s the dining room.  We did a big transformation of the space and I really love the modern  bohemian feel.

We tackled the architectural elements first with wainscot and paint.

The walls needed some real attention in this room.  We were dealing with the same bumpy plaster as in the foyer, but instead of smoothing it out with a plaster coat, we opted for a flat paint in a dark gray color.  (Flat paint hides imperfections the best.)  The DM crew installed wainscot on the lower portion of the walls.  I love how the crisp white offsets the gray and the detailing makes the room more traditional and finished.  

Note: we painted the window mullions.  I like how they look like iron windows now.

3 gold stars if you remember me sharing this portion of the project forever ago.

Next we filled in with furnishings.  My clients like modern, but not too cold, so I thought the combination of the Panton chairs with the farm-style trestle table was perfect.  The family can eat at the table with no worries of scratching or denting the rustic top.  I love the chairs too because they can be wiped down so easily.  Perfect for a family.  The skirted head chairs were a nice softening balance.  I need to mix in some traditional with my modern.  The warm pink rug ties in nicely with the one in the foyer.  Flatweaves are great for dining rooms- easier to clean.  Oh and the chandelier?  I’ve had a crush on it for a long time and it was fun to be able to use it.  (

I should note though that when the lights are on the color is a little weird.  It wasn’t a home run for us.)

We had a little “moment” in the bay window.  The lacquer console by Jonathan Adler is such a great piece.  We paired it with two x-stool cover in yellow Chinoiserie silk.  I don’t have any good pictures of the stools!  So sad- they are really pretty.

I love the sideboard we used in the room.  It’s modern yet classic at the same time.  I like how structured it is compared the dining table.  It helps formalize things a bit without being stuffy.

This is just a terrible spec shot I took myself but I wanted  to share this angle of the chairs.  I don’t use a ton of mid-century pieces in my work, but it was fun to use these iconic chairs .  Oh and I love that mirror from West Elm.  It’s such an inexpensive way to add a little pizzazz to a wall.  (Great across from windows to reflect light!)

I’d say its quite the transformation.  I really love the space now and I know the family has been enjoying it.  Can I just say, I love when people actually use their dining rooms?  I think that’s cool.

Philadelphia Area peeps, we are for hire!  What can we transform for you?

Tune in next week, I am sharing my absolute favorite room in the house.  The living room.  It’s good, guys.  

  1. That space is gorgeous! They must be thrilled. I have to say, if I just saw the after pics somewhere I would think they were from a magazine. You do such beautiful work.

  2. Could not love more…the crisp white wainscot with that color on the walls. Stunning!

  3. Great work, Naomi. Nice mix of rustic and modern, color and neutral, hip and classic.

  4. NAOMI – I love the new style/forum/content on your blog. you mustve really done so serious thinkin after your survey. whatever youve done is GREAT.

    now – the real kicker — this room!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its so great!!! i wanna hire you for MYself!

  5. i’m back for a second look. love pretty much every inch.

  6. This is one of my favorite colors combinations. Turquoise with pinks and the little splash of yellows in the stools is so great. I love the overall look as well. Tailored, casual elegance.

  7. Erin

    I am so behind, but I really love this room long time!

  8. nkp

    First and foremost, what a lucky, lucky family! As a mom with a slew of kids I so appreciate how this room successfully walks the line between beautiful and functional. It’s so bright and lovely and such a great mix of interesting elements. I love how it’s not filled to the brim, there’s breathing room so that all of the beautiful pieces and can be admired and appreciated. And of course, the rug. Oh, the rug! Well done, Rug Whisperer. Crown is in the mail. :o)

  9. Gorgeous! I love the painted window mullions- was that a big undertaking? I am trying to convince my client to do it but I have never done it- wondering if it is a big project or not!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

  10. You are so talented girl! The chairs, the lighting, the sideboard – everything is just gorgeous.

  11. Ashley

    Ooooooh. It’s more of that magic that you do!

  12. The rug is from Madeline Weinrib

  13. I wanna hang out in there. You are rockstar designer and I bow down. Get your butt to Charleston.

  14. adubs

    Can you please share where you purchased the fuschia rug? I’ve been looking for something similar and I haven’t been able to find anything I like. Yours looks great.

  15. love the mix! But I think the wainscoting is the biggest transformation here. Great, great, great.


  16. Beautiful job! Love the Panton chairs and the rustic table combo, and it’s styled perfectly. Just enough!

  17. Sandra

    Beautiful. 🙂

  18. Hannah

    Ooooooh my gosh. You are such an inspiration. Let me get inside that brain!

  19. Just completely transformed! Great color on those walls. It makes the wainscot look so crisp and clean. You’d never notice any bumps in the plaster.

  20. Kristen

    Wow. Looks sooo good. LOVE the way the wall came out and those chairs with that table is amazing. LOVEloveLOVE.

  21. Very nice! Love your transformations. I also have the panton chairs and I love them!

  22. naomi…wow!!!! this is stunning, gorgeous, comfortable, fun and just wow. you have outdone yourself. i will be coming back to this room for inspiration again and again, i’m sure. great job 🙂

  23. Amazing transformation lady. So many sweet moments in that space – the chairs, the console, the yellow stools, the walls, bold pop of color in the rug. Tres fab. Another great job.

  24. Beautiful!!! WHat a wonderful transformation!! I didn’t realize you were in Philly! I was just there last weekend in Wayne actually for a wedding! You are having the best folliage!

  25. Light fixture. I just can’t get over that *GORGEOUS* light fixture!!! Mixed with that rug, it’s just the coolest combo!!! And where the heck was I for the foyer reveal??? It’s amazing, too!

  26. I love it! I’ve drooled over that light fixture for a few years and I think it’s perfect in this space. I bet this family can’t believe this is their home.

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