DM has a New Home!

Hey Guys.  I’m checking in from (mostly) sunny Mexico to say goodbye!!
Ok not really goodbye, but this is my last post on Blogger.
From here on out you can follow Design Manifest on our new site.  
Too see it, please click the link below

Today I’m talking about changes in the bedroom and I have another piece of exciting news.  So please go check it out!  Thanks Loves.  See you at our new home.
  1. Love your new site – Can I follow by signing up for email updates?

    • manifest

      Hi Angeline- Yes the email update will be available soon. The link isn’t working yet but will be fixed as soon as I am back from my vacay

  2. Dude, get off the computer and go drink some margaritas!

    It does look nice around here, though 🙂

    • manifest

      Lol Erin- you hit the nail on the head. I’m getting my good fill of margaritas, don’t worry 😉

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