DIY nailhead mirror

When it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects, I have no problem attempting a hack or two in my own home, but for clients, my policy is to leave the craftsmanship to professionals.  But when working on a powder room recently, my client and I were totally stumped to find a mirror to fit between two tight sconces.  My solution?  Craft our own mirror.  I found an white picture frame that was just the right size, had my Dad apply upholstery nails, got a piece of plate mirror cut…. and tada!… custom nailhead mirror.

Sorry for the totally crappy photos- iPhone plus dark day made it hard to capture it’s true beauty.  Same goes with my reflection, wink wink.

The hardest part was the even placement of the nailheads.  I’m anal and worked it all out in my CAD system. If you aren’t quite as technical, you could probably eyeball it, but it’s not a bad idea to trace the frame and lay it out first.  I had my father pre-drill the holes in our shop to be most precise, but the upholstery nails could also be hammered in.  Just be careful with the delicate frame.

PS- the gray grasscloth we put into the powder room is divine!

  1. Camila

    Very good, I found it very interesting. thanks for sharing.

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  4. Holly

    Love the mirror, but I’m actually more in love with the grey glasscloth. Do you happen to know the brand of this or who made it? The shade of it is absolutely stunning – not too gray, and against the silver nailhead it brings out a pewter hue.

    Let me know if you can dig up any info. It would be much appreciated. 🙂

  5. This was awesome…and it looks great on the grasscloth wallpaper…..maybe I could try it….

  6. I LOVE this DIY. Thank you for sharing. Fab grasscloth wallpaper as well!


  7. Lisa

    Great idea!

  8. Hi – just found your blog and I love it. I am obsessed with anything with nailheads. I did harlequin diamons in my entry and placed a nailhead at every point (took a long time to finish!!)

    Wonderful job! Could you have done the job with the nailheads sold in a row? Not sure – but your creation is just wonderful! Anything beautiful takes time.

    Yes – I would love to know what grasscloth you used also. I do a faux grasscloth done with a metallic plaster applied with a wallpaper brush that is very convincing and gorgeous.

    Have a Happy Holiday (loved your pug pic!!) and try not to stress out.


  9. Fiona

    Maybe I missed this, but what brand of grasscloth is that? It looks great!

    Ribbas are so fragile, I can’t imagine nailing them in and not breaking the frame, but great idea!

  10. LOVE THIS! I think I may try my hand at this, but because I know my measuring skills are off; I’ll buy a nailhead trim strip, so I know my placement is spot on!

  11. This is amazing!! I love it. Such an inspired move. I’m sure your clients are thrilled.

  12. nkp

    You get a gold star! That looks awesome and the perfect solution for the beautiful space.

    Happy Hanukkah, my dear! I hope your belly is full of yummy fried goodness and your heart full of love.


  13. Wow it looks incredible! I’m very impressed with the spacing of the nail heads as you mention, not only evenly spaced but also they have to be aligned perfectly as well! Always love your DIY ideas!

  14. Wow it looks incredible! I’m very impressed with the spacing of the nail heads as you mention, not only evenly spaced but also they have to be aligned perfectly as well! Always love your DIY ideas!

  15. Ashley

    Damn, lady, it looks fabulous! Way to go, Naomi and Dad.

  16. Rad.

    I would totally wreck the frame. Yay for Dad.

  17. You clever girl you. This sick girl actually needs to head to IKEA today.

  18. love the WHOLE thing, sconces, wallpaper, and all.

    I’m working on a nailhead-embellished bulletin board, but love the shine of the mirror with the shine of the nailhead.


  19. Megan

    where did you get those sconces?

  20. Lily

    WOW ! That seriously looks amazing…I want one !!


  21. Gorgeous! And I find the picture of you in the mirror very reassuring- it’s not just me in a grey tee then slouching about hahaha

  22. Erin

    You drew the holes out in CAD?!

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  23. Kat

    Wow, it looks stunning, Naomi. Seriously, mad skills there. Might haveta steal this idea:)

  24. Oh my, I’m in love! This is great. I can’t imagine trying not to break the frame. Those frames are not very sturdy. I let one drop on the carpet no less from only a few feet and it broke. The grasscloth is also incredible!

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