DIY // Green & Ostrich Rast Hack // IKEA {Bedroom Nightstand Reveal}

green ostrich rast hack by design manifest

In an effort to get the bedroom finished, (well past the One Room Challenge deadline,) George and I transformed my pine Ikea Rast Nightstands into these emerald green/ ostrich faced beauties.  I wish I could say the DIY was a breeze and joy but it actually sucked a whole lot.  First – even though we both know better- we rushed and picked a crappy stain in our basement and didn’t like the result.   We had to totally rework our design, which changed our nightstands from stained to painted. Then we got a bad batch of oil paint and it never dried fully.  Poor Georgie had to cut the trim twice… what a trooper.  If we counted up our hours on this one, these $30 cabinets would end up being over $1,000 in our design and labor rates.  It’s kinda funny.

 Despite the ordeal, the result is pretty fab and the green is the perfect pop of color against my black bedroom walls.

Here’s a breakdown for those of you who are are as crazy as us to DIY this yourselves.  (Seriously though, its not that hard.)


ikea rast natural

It’s the Ikea Rast

In my case, I was re-doing a pair that I had already hacked to look like this:

Design Manifest Rast White-stained wood Nightstand



rast mark centers

(Find you center point and then measure out from there to place holes for pulls)

lews dolan bar pull

I used these pulls in polished brass.

rast holes drilled

(new holes drilled)



The Vinyl Ostrich was sourced locally.

You can also find it HERE.

rast ostrich template

We turned the fabric on its back and used a straight edge to trace lines.

Since we knew our trim would be covering the edges, we made our fabric pieces 1/2″ smaller than drawer head all around.



We used spray adhesive (heavy duty for vinyls) on both faux-ostrich vinyl and drawer fronts

rast glue ostrich

George is a neat sprayer, I am a messy sprayer.  Insert your joke here.


We waited a few minutes and slowly pressed the fabric onto the drawer.

This worked best as a two person job when one person held the fabric up and one pressed down starting at one edge and working towards the other.

rast ostrich on drawer heads

All glued up!

This part was really quite easy.



rast hack mitred trim pieces

George took his measurements and then cut his miters on his saw.

Mitered corners are much nicer that butting ends of the trim.


rast trim pieces stained

Since we were working with previously hacked Rast’s we were intitally going to stain the trim to match the stained boxes.

Alas, we rushed and chose a poly-stain and were not happy with the look at all.

So we scrapped that idea and pulled out are paint chart.

After a little debate, we settled on a bold green hue…


Starboard by Sherwin Williams.

It’s pretty bold in a white setting, but looks great against black walls.

Color is all about context, right?


Paint Drama ensued- stuff not drying.  Finish looking shitastic.

Long story short- skip the oil paint.

Ask your paint guy for a nice durable gloss latex.

Oh and don’t rush.  You’ll just make mistakes, DUH.




Finally (like a week later) the stupid paint dried and we attached the trim with a few pin nails.

The finishing touch was the polished brass hardware.  Find it HERE.

I purposely chose a really long pull.  I wanted that drama.

ostrich and hardware detail- design manifest

ostrich rast hack starboard green - design manifest

green rast 4

Green Lacquer Ostrich Rast Hack by Design Manifest


I am having the damnedest time taking a good picture against the black walls.

Here is a cruddy shot of my side of the bed.

Processed with VSCOcam

Loving the nightstand paired with my favorite planter.

More bedroom pictures to come soon.


And there ya have it, another rast hack.

This is my 3rd (and probably last) for those who are counting.

This one is still my most popular blog post ever.

  1. Story

    OH. MY. GOD. I LOVE what you have done with these! We desperately need proper bedside dressers but I have been putting off spending the money and haven’t found anything that’s exactly what I want. The only DIY projects I’ve ever attempted have been sewing projects and simple things like hanging curtains, but your easy-looking layout and the cheap price of the Rast dresser (in case I mess up) has me inspired to try this! Thanks and great job!

  2. That is fantastic! Makes me wish I was able to do a little DIY like that. Maybe next year when we get a house, I can try something like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Vel

    Just amazing! You could actually sell these you know, there are people like me who would buy a “Naomi original”!!!

  4. i love them! hilarious what the cost would be with you guys’ fees included… oh well, live and learn. at least they look amazing!

  5. Kate

    This is amazing! I am seriously going to do this this weekend! I have a IKEA Malm that could use some love and this look is perfect!

  6. kate

    Ha! @alison g — You are not alone! 🙂

    Naomi, the nightstand looks just fantastic! I love how it turned out.

  7. So, maybe I’m the only person reading blogs the day before Thanksgiving, but your Insta pic drew me in. My girls have raw Rasts in their closet, and I need something to get my ass moving to make them cute – esp since they leave their closet doors open 99% of the time.
    Anyway, that’s my story.
    YOUR story is great, and they look so glam. It’s still hard to believe these $30 little things dress up so well. The paint finish is really, really glossy for a latex. I would’ve thought you’d at least have to use a latex enamel.
    So, maybe some lessons learned, but in the end, you got yourself some really uniquely gorgeous nightstands. Sweetness.


    PS – You and George make a great team. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving!

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