DIY- Grasscloth Ikea Lack Hack

 Hey guys.  Sorry to promise you a DIY and then leave you high and dry, but I found my project incredibly hard to photograph.  I finally snapped a few pics this morning that kinda capture the texture and color of my table, and I am sharing them below. 

But before we get to that… A few weeks back my pal Meg cam up to Philadelphia and we spent several hours shopping, dining, drinking and hanging out around town.  Where did we go and what kind of trouble did we get into?  You’ll have to hp over to Mimi + Meg to find out!  Yup I’m the feature of this week’s “My City” column.  Read it here.

Now onto my little DIY:  I made myself, I grasscloth parsons table.  I had an old LACK coffee table, leftover grasscloth from a project and a bucket of paint and the result is the end table in my bedroom.

Here’s the deal.  I had an old Ikea Lack table lying around, and it was ugly.

I cut up strips of grasscloth and started on the legs.

Once the legs were done, I template the top.

The whole thing glued together fairly easy with modgepodge, but the corners didn’t look very good.

So my sister and I made up little corner pieces to cover up the ugly seams.

Once it was all done, I painted it gloss pink- them same as my ceiling and trim.

I know its hard to tell in photos- but its subtle and pretty in person.  I dig the extra texture it provides in the room!  The corners still aren’t great, but maybe I’ll swap them out for metal brackets at some point. 

  1. So smart to make IKEA furniture not look like IKEA. Great texture.

  2. Girl, you know I did grasscloth on a parson’s console table and the corners were the hardest part by far! And I scratched the hell out of myself on the rough/sharp paper. Yours turned out beautifully! I thought about painting mine, but eventually left it in its natural state – you can see my post about it here if you haven’t already:

    The stools under the table have since changed so you can see them in their new fabric in one of my more recent posts:

  3. I have thought of doing that before….it is a great look and adds so much texture!

  4. I never would think that was Ikea. I love the texture, and I think the metal brackets would be extra sweet. Very nice!

    Now clicking over to check you out on Mimi + Meg…

  5. was just going to suggest metal brackets. Love this idea–much better price than similar ones at Bungalow 5!


  6. I love this idea! I also have an Ikea Lack coffee table and side table from college. I was going to give them away but maybe I’ll try this instead!

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