Dining with BRNO… Yes? No? Too Low??

Let’s talk about the BRNO chair, shall we?

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, this modern cantilver chair consists of a steel frame and upholstered seat and back.  It comes in two varieties- tubular (left) and flat arm (right.)  I scored two tubular chairs reproduced by Knoll Studio for quite a steal.
My first thought was to use them as side chairs in a living room.
But more often they are used as dining chairs.  They work double time- delivering a streamlined look AND comfortable seating for your dining room.
I like it paired with a wood table.  
I love how the pink upholstery is such a cheery surprise in this room, but not overly girly.
You also often see them with round tables….
James McInroe via dallas morning news

After deciding I favored a loveseat in my living room, my genius idea was to use my BRNO chairs as captains chairs in my dining room and pair them with complementing chairs.
How to best pair the chairs?
Go with my first love and hope the two metal frames would tie them together?
tolix chair and brno
– $245 per chair
EHH don’t think that’s working.
Go with a similar leg style and clean, modern seat?
tobias chair and brno
-$100 per chair
LIKE that the clear seat takes up minimal visual space
Go with a similar leg style and nod to mid century modern?
breuer chair and brno
– found set of 4 for $125
LIKE the price, but somehow the two styles seem to be competing…
Then, before I made any hasty decisions, I pulled my “Captains” chairs up to my table last night.  What did I find?  They felt too Low!!  Like I was a little kid who needed a booster seat.
Am I the only one who thinks this?  Is my table possibly too high?  Doubt it.  Are my chairs oddly too low? Don’t think so, they aren’t a wonky knock off.  
Why don’t they feel right?
So now I might not use them at all.  Which is a total bummer.  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for these BRNO chairs??  Or are they just destined for my basement 🙁
  1. sherri

    i am diggin the tobias/brno combo myself.

  2. I love them, they are amazingly comfy right?!

    what about a pair in hte living room near the sofa. a bit like the image with the cow hide chairs.

  3. nkp

    I’ve never sat in one, so I’ll take your word for it. But I do love the pairing of them with the clear IKEA chair.

    Would one fit in your entry alongside the console. Perhaps an extra place to drop your purse? I still think they look great it in the living room if space allows. Upstairs hallway? Guest bedroom? My house?

  4. I know! You can send them to me 🙂

    No way to work them in the living room?

  5. Loft32

    I love Bruno! The normal height for a dining room table is 30-31″ so check yours out. It might just be that the chairs are low. I vote for putting them in a living room space, as office chairs or in the bedroom. There’s a pic on my site that shows similar chairs in a bedroom and it looks pretty chic! Here’s a link to that post: http://loft32.blogspot.com/2010/06/hide-andfound.html

  6. Leah

    Yes, but only in that cow hide pattern! : )

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