Dining Room Chair Reveal!

Happy Monday to you Lovelies!  Remember my craigslist chairs from last week?  Well I gave them a makeover and today I’m showing them off.  I knew from the start I wanted black chairs.  Black is so chic, mixes with everything, and makes a bold statement around my Docksta Table.  A solid back may have felt heavy, so I love that the caning allows light to peak through.  As for the black and white zig-zag upholstery?  A happy accident.  I had the fabric laying around and I sorta threw them on there to see how it would look.  Well, I love it long time, so it’s here to stay.
I know many of you thought I would go more colorful, but I have so much color elsewhere in my space that I wanted these chairs to be more neutral.  The chevron pattern is big and bold and I love the tone on tone effect.  It feels glamorous to me.  Maybe I’m being inspired by Mary McDonald.  (You Million Dollar Decorator watches will get that.)
So there ya have it.  My new dining chairs.  Do you like?  Another piece of the Bohemian Chic puzzle is now in place.
PS- EXCITING NEWS!  I’M HONORED TO BE FEATURED IN THE FALL ISSUE OF HOUSE OF FIFTY!  Have you guys checked out this new online magazine yet?  This issue is chocked full of goodies.  Christine, of Bijou and Boheme, wrote an excellent article about “How to Create an Eclectic space” on page 52.  That’s where you can find me.  Please go gobble up the whole thing.
  1. AAAAAAAAAmazing! I love them Naomi! Gosh they are just perfect with that chevron pattern.
    Congrats on the magazine feature too, that’s just awesome, off to check it out 🙂

  2. Gareen

    Absolutely love the graphic pattern! Great job w/ the upholstery and congrats on the feature!


  3. Fran

    Look gorgeous!! Love them!! And, congrats on your feature. I have yet to check it out, but plan on it when I have some downtime!

  4. Love the new look! Very chic and sophisticated. They’re sure to add even more class to your place!

  5. OH WOW!!!! They look great. What a difference. Ok, heading over to house of fifty now…congrats on being featured. xx

  6. That was so fast! I love them, they are amazing! I think you’ll be happy you went neutral, as you can mix them up for a long time to come. (I’m learning this as well).

    Oooh I need to check it out! I’ve been so swamped with work I haven’t had much blog/mag time lately. Boo.

  7. Go Naomi!!! I’m oh so excited for you!! Congrats! And those cane chairs rock! I would kill for some white ones!! Zig Zag = perfection. Great job! (Could I use anymore exclamation points?)

  8. I read the article today and saw your name and thought “Oh, I know her!” Well in the blog world I guess 😉
    Great article and I love how the chairs turned out! Love the blue with the black.

  9. Congrats girl! I saw that and was like “Hey! Naomi!”
    Love these chairs, makes me want to paint some black!

  10. They are virtually unrecognizable! Amazing transformation!!!

  11. The makeover is perfect for these particular chairs, I love it! I want to see them in your dining space 🙂

    Congrats on the feature, you def deserve it, you’re a decorating/design genius 🙂

  12. Just saw the feature. Awesomeextrasauce. As are your chairs. What a steal. Good work.

  13. The chairs look fantastic! I saw your gorgeous space in the mag. Congrats!

  14. Natalie

    The chairs look incredible! Where is that chevron fabric from?

  15. Your chairs are fabulous- not that I’m surprised…all that you do is. Thanks for letting me use your bruno chair/folk art magic in the article…you my dear are the best kind of talent!!

  16. The chairs are perfection and I’m so excited for you and your space taking part in Christine’s article! Congrats!

  17. Erin

    Dude, they look whizz bang shazam!

    And mucho congrats on landing a feature in 50! I’m betting you’ll be famous in no time.

  18. Ashley

    Awesome after! Should not be surprised though! And congrats on the well-deserved spotlight in House of Fifty!

  19. Great result! As ususal, you are the BOMB- glad the House of Fifty is featuring your BRNO chairs- ermm weren’t you selling them & aren’t they now gone??
    It looks great!!

  20. Brandi

    These are perfect! The glossy black is just beautiful and it was a good choice to go with the chevron. I want to see them in your space!

  21. I haven’t seen House of Fifty yet, but that is completely rad…as are these fantastic chairs! Yes, I definitely think you were channeling Mary on that (c;

  22. Lily

    They look amazing !!


  23. Robin

    The chairs are STUNNING and congrats on the article!

  24. yay! I saw it congrats homie. Chairs be looking fiiiiiine….!

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