Desperation Decorating

A lack of permanent home has made me fallen on hard times.  No, it’s not that I don’t have enough to eat- I am comfortable and nourished and safe.  I even got a window AC unit in my bedroom last night, so now I can sleep without sweating through the night.  (SO huge.)  My real hardship is I can’t decorate my own place to my hearts desire.  I have yet to paint my interim bedroom pink, or do anything to make the space a little nicer.  Instead, I’m daydreaming of some future home.  In said home I will surely have a television and I will want its wall to be collected & chic instead entertainment-unit-central.  So in an act of desperation, I decorated myself a faux wall, all with items I already own.

Yup, Friends, I fully admit to photoshopping my own art and furnishings from my own Loft photos and creating myself a desperation mood board.  I’ve always wanted to do a gallery art wall around a wall-hung television.  Perhaps in “real life” I’d fill in with more pieces!  And I probably wouldn’t do a bold blue wall against the pink parsons desk, like last time.  Not sure what the next space would be.  I guess this is a good thing it’s all made up.

So the cat’s out of the bag.  I’m such a design nerd that I settle for mood-boarding imaginary homes for myself.  You’ve done this too, right?  I’m not alone in this crazy?  …Bueller?

Off to shoot a project with Courtney today!  Must go find some pretty flowers to accent the rooms.  Yippee!

  1. Not crazy at all…I do the same thing all the time. And PS, no matter how your arrange your stuff, it always looks GORGEOUS.

  2. I do that weekly, for all of my fantasy house around the world. In fact, instead of counting sheep at night, I create floor plans.

  3. nkp

    Now to find that new home and your fantasy will be complete!

    I have NO P-shop skills, so sadly I don’t do this. Bu you better believe if I did, I’d be all over it.

  4. Erin

    yay photo shoot!

    And you know I have a moodboard problem… let’s not even go there.

  5. Hell yeah, I fake moodboard. It’s like I get to change my design plan without spending any money and avoiding those extra holes in the wall. I just started my little gallery wall in our family room. I need a few more pieces. We had one of those huge obnoxious air conditioned units in the wall so I covered it up with a massive art piece.

  6. Of course you just throw something fabulous together. So Naomi.

  7. Tara

    I love it! I know whatever type of place you have next and whatever direction you go in in your decorating, it will look amazing! We are actually working on getting a TV & art gallery wall going at our house! I am struggling through with what types of art to get and then actually FINDING it at an affordable price. Since we’re looking to fill a rather large wall, I can’t spend 100s of dollars on each piece. Any tips or suggestions?

  8. I find comfort in knowing that I am not the only semi successful creative person living at home with their parents. I also had my own loft that was photographed and got publicity. Now I sleep in my Mothers “Pride and Prejudice” themed guest bedroom and not only do I fantasy decorate for my self, but I fantasy decorate for myself and a fantasy boyfriend… check it:

  9. Right there with you, dahling. Kids keep me from doing a lot of my own design boarding, but all I do is wish, wish, WISH for a home of our choosing, where I can fulfill design dreams.
    You’ve done an incredible job with your limitations, and provide a ton of inspiration for me!

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