Declaring Independence from Boring Kitchens

Happy 4th of July!  What are you doing reading blogs right now?  Are you Canadian or something?  (Just kidding, I big-time heart my Canuck readers and blog friends.)  For me, Independence Day is all about BBQ’s, outdoor living and time with friends and family.  I very much appreciate that my forefathers fought for my freedom to sit in a lounge chair while eating ribs and watching fireworks.

Other than us take-out types, prepping for a good 4th of July party means time in the kitchen.  What better way to declare independence than being bold and free in the kitchen?  Here’s a little red, white and blue inspiration for you.  I love colorful cabinets and when done in classic colors like red or blue, spaces look so vibrant and timeless to me.  Could you embrace a colorful kitchen?  Or are you not ready to live so free?

Hotel Pulitzer Bar via La Dolce Vita

Does anyone know the source of this one?

  1. Hotel Pulitzer is my favorite, but I am loving a little bit of each. Color in the kitchen, yes please….

  2. What a great post! I love the blue with carrera but red on an island is sharp! I’ve even seen a few contemporary kitchens with blue cabinets. Very cool. If only I could be so cool.

  3. I’d work in a colorful island in a heartbeat!

  4. Totally on board. My dream kitchen is blue. Oh and PS – Went to the Pulitzer last summer.. That hotel is mental and the rooftop bar is even better! (and it doesn’t require red fleece robes)

  5. Erin

    Blue for sure… I know red is a classic cucina color, but it’s not for me.

  6. As much as I love classic white kitchens, I must say, I’m liking the look of the deep blue kitchen and the grey one.

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