Declaring Independence from Boring Kitchens

Happy 4th of July!  What are you doing reading blogs right now?  Are you Canadian or something?  (Just kidding, I big-time heart my Canuck readers and blog friends.)  For me, Independence Day is all about BBQ’s, outdoor living and time with friends and family.  I very much appreciate that my forefathers fought for my freedom to sit in a lounge chair while eating ribs and watching fireworks.

Other than us take-out types, prepping for a good 4th of July party means time in the kitchen.  What better way to declare independence than being bold and free in the kitchen?  Here’s a little red, white and blue inspiration for you.  I love colorful cabinets and when done in classic colors like red or blue, spaces look so vibrant and timeless to me.  Could you embrace a colorful kitchen?  Or are you not ready to live so free?

Hotel Pulitzer Bar via La Dolce Vita

Does anyone know the source of this one?

  1. As much as I love classic white kitchens, I must say, I’m liking the look of the deep blue kitchen and the grey one.

  2. Erin

    Blue for sure… I know red is a classic cucina color, but it’s not for me.

  3. Totally on board. My dream kitchen is blue. Oh and PS – Went to the Pulitzer last summer.. That hotel is mental and the rooftop bar is even better! (and it doesn’t require red fleece robes)

  4. I’d work in a colorful island in a heartbeat!

  5. What a great post! I love the blue with carrera but red on an island is sharp! I’ve even seen a few contemporary kitchens with blue cabinets. Very cool. If only I could be so cool.

  6. Hotel Pulitzer is my favorite, but I am loving a little bit of each. Color in the kitchen, yes please….

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