Cray Walls

I’m too chicken-shit to go for crazy pattern on the walls, but I sure do like to peek at homes that really go for it.  When your walls are so bold, you really have to edit pieces wisely, so I also like investigating the bits and accents.

I f you aren’t quite ready for that kind of statement, there’s always art.  This is less intense, but still gives off a similar vibe.

Source: via Naomi on Pinterest

Or check out a new favorite fabric of mine.  It’s called Vortice by Clarence House and I think it would make the coolest curtains.  Pillows too for a little punch on the sofa.  Black Swirly abstract goodness!

So what do you think?  Could you get a little Cray? 

 (And by “Cray” I mean crazy.  You do know that, right?)

  1. um, yes. i get down with some cray. have a great cray plan for our powder room in fact (which is a room meant for such fun, if you ask me). ox

  2. We have a small little entranceway off of our living room that I am planning something crazy in! Those graphic black circles are definitely a contender. Kelly Wearstler’s entrance is what inspired me! Love this look. Paint is really easy to chance, and during something that is free hand is relatively easy. I would have done black and white stripes again but sometimes i really just hate the time it takes to tape them off…

    Rai xo
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  3. Love that top image still..I could be that cray cray in a powder room..And don’t forget KW’s red/white entry/stair hall!

  4. a lil cray is GOOD! glad you are enjoying my pins! (and pinning nicole’s fabulous DIY right now- don’t know how i forgot to do that!)

  5. I’m too chicken-shit to even commit to a wallpaper pattern. Black paint is about as cray as I go.

  6. Erin

    #1 and #2 give me the ummm-hmmm oh-yeahs.

  7. Fatou

    I love that pink room!

  8. I LOVE the second from the bottom, but I don’t think michael would dig the pink.

  9. I’m with you, I’m *TOTALLY* chicken when it comes to painting my walls )c: I absolutely adore that pink one…that was my favorite room from that design house, but while I love seeing it, I don’t think that I would love it *everyday*…

  10. I definitely would go a little “cray” with art, not sure I’m up for a whole room or wall. Might tire of it too quickly. And that fabric is almost a dead ringer for the art and first room’s walls. Wow. Great find! I would definitely go for that! Kind of reminds me of my Joonas.

  11. nkp

    I’m totally down with crazy. I really love the large abstract version and that fabric is wonderful, with huge impact!

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