craigslist champion

I am unofficially crowning myself Philadelphia’s craigslist champion of the week.  I’m not trying to gloat, but it feels good to be a winner.  In the past 5 days I successfully completed the furniture purchasing for my apartment.  You hear that World?  No more personal furniture shopping for Naomi.  I’m done.  I feel ready to settle down and begin a long term relationship with all my furniture.  Ok, truthfully, if I stumble upon the perfect petite end table, I’ll probably scoop it up.  But I’m most definitely committed, otherwise.

Here are the new-to-me goodies that will round out my collection.

Dining chairs.  As much as I liked my danish set that I reupholstered, (just last year,)  I’m heading away from the whole mid-century vibe and they just weren’t jiving with the rest of my stuff.  I wanted to UP the glam factor in my apartment, so I was hoping to find something with a little Hollywood Regency feel.  (I’m going for a Bohemian Chic look.) 

I was so happy to stumble upon this set of 4 faux-bamboo, caned-backed dining chairs.  Some serious internet stalking transpired, and now $160 later, I am thrilled to call them mine. 

I have already given them a makeover, and I’ll share the  “new” version next week!

Living Room Chairs.  I have always always wanted a set of French armchairs.  I just love the ornate frame, the upholstery possibilities and the sophistication they bring to a room.  I especially enjoy them when mixed with modern furnishings, so I knew they would be a great fit in my loft.

I scored this pair of bergere chairs yesterday, for $260.

The upholstery, while not my ideal choice, is in great condition, I may keep it for a while.  I still have a few changes I’d like to make though- namely painting the frame.  (Sorry wood lovers, it just doesn’t work for me!)  I’d love to hear what you would do with the chairs.

So there ya have it- $420 and 6 chairs later I am officially a chair hoarder.  But I’m a happy chair hoarder.  I may nominate myself for chair hoarding president and rule with grace and style.

PS my BRNO chairs are still available for a great price!!  Just because I’m taking a bit a modern out of my place, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a fantastic addition to yours 🙂

  1. Wow great finds Naomi…you are definitely a winner. These chairs are going to look fabulous in your Bohemian chic loft. Can’t wait to see what you did to the faux bamboo chairs. If I had those chairs I would go a little crazy and paint the frame like a neon pink and reupholster in a white fabric or a soft yellow…I know, call me crazy 🙂 Whatever you do I am sure will look great. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. XoXo

  2. You definitely win…love your purchases and can’t wait to see them when you put your magic touch to them!! Great job ~

  3. Wow – what fabulous finds – I especially love the bamboo chairs – can’t wait to see their redo!!

  4. You have mad Craigslist skillz lady bird! Loving all your new additions.

  5. Mary

    Nothin wrong with a little chair hording! I love your finds – You ARE the champion 🙂

  6. Erin

    Hello fellow member of chair hoarders anonymous! So, I think you did quite well here. Love the bamboozlers, and I think the bergeres will be just peachy with a bit of work. I’m also voting for charcoal gray. Black is too harsh, and white maybe a trifle too ladylike (not that you aren’t a lady!).

    Can’t wait to see la makeover!

  7. Missy- I also thought about stripping them and leaving them natural. As a stand alone piece, I love that idea best. I just don’t think natural wood will blend well with the other wood I have in the loft…

  8. Fran

    You scored big time and I love your chairs!! I can’t wait to see them in your apt!

  9. I bow to the Queen of Craig’s…I definitely think that you are…and you may or may not be a chair hoarder (c: But the jury is still out on that one! Have a fantastic weekend, my dear!

  10. OMG I just visited my local Goodwill store yesterday and they have the same exact bamboo chairs for $50 (the set of 4). of course they are unfinished and the chairs need to be painted and recovered, but still I can buy those babies and make some money!!! WOW!

  11. Possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to see what you do with them. I see chairs on craigslist all the time, but the husband has told me no more with a serious face lol. Great finds!

  12. Add me to the chair hoarder list as well! I have about 14 chairs in my apartment and I am the only one living in it, and lets include a chaise, a settee, and a sofa…so 17 seating places…oh and some stools and xstools….so I don’t know. I live in NYC too…lol. Ur chairs look lovely!

  13. Naomi, great finds! Bergeres are also super comfortable.Anna Spiro from the Absolutely Beautiful Things Blog and from The Black and Spiro shop in Australia, has those Bergeres with the wood painted white and the fabric a red and white otomi fabric- I have always loved that, but it is a bit of a statement.

  14. Lily

    Such amazing finds !! I want those bamboo chairs !


  15. Ooh, I like Design Junkies idea of stripping the wood. That’s an interesting option. Or you could go dark with either black or charcoal gray (might look nice with the peachy tone). Or you could go crazy and glam them with gold paint/leaf? I’m no help obviously. But I love all your chairs (I’m a crazy chair hoarder so it takes one to know one) and can’t wait to see the after of the dining chairs!

  16. O.M.G. I am stunned at the deals you got! I am so excited to see this new look you’re developing! I love that we are able to reinvent our spaces so quickly when inspiration strikes us.

  17. you did do good darl!! and i wasn’t on the other side of the world, i’d take those brno’s off your hands.

  18. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done to your place! Is it a possibility to just strip the Frenchies and go with the natural wood?

  19. Brandi

    Go you! I stalked craigslist for almost 6 months to find my set of dining chairs and they aren’t near as awesome as yours! For the french chairs, i would do the chair a bright color and do black and white and maybe another bright color abstract print type thing. But that may be a bit crazy!

  20. I love craigslist and I love before and afters! Can’t wait to see!
    -e (

  21. nkp

    LOVE your new dining room chairs! Bravo! Craigslist is such a wonderland of possibilities. And a huge time suck, too. But man, nothing like the thrill of the hunt!

  22. And I thought I was good at craigslisting! You’ve just blown me out of the water! Both of those finds will definitely up your ‘glam factor!’

  23. Wow amazing finds!! I cannot wait to see what you do with these goodies

  24. Major chair envy!! I love Hollywood Regency style. Glam it up girl!

  25. Oh I do wish the chairs were coral, but they are closer to peach. Not quite salmon. They work with my scheme, just not perfectly.

  26. You so deserve your “title” I am sooo impressed and love your chairs. Well done!

  27. I like the french stairs. I’ve seen a few on Craigslist but I have so many chairs I think my husband would be pissed. I actually like the upholstery on them. Is it more of a salmon color than peach?

  28. Ashley

    Enjoy you’re crown, you’ve earned it! And seriously, wood shmood. I’m sure the bergeres will look great after you’re finished with them.

  29. You definitely deserve the crown. Beautiful finds…

    I would paint the wood frame, too. If I owned the chairs and was keeping the fabric, I think I would paint it black or a deep gray… Is the fabric a light coral?

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