Cottage Update: The Kitchen Takes Shape

Hey guys.  Sorry for lack of the posts.  A lot is happening at the Cottage, but everything is covered up so it’s hard to take pictures.  As for round ups and mood boards and inspiration posts, well those take time and I’m positively swamped with design and construction work.  Its stressful and exciting in the most wonderful way.  Can we settle on a mini-kitchen update?

 The last time I showed the kitchen it was stripped down to the studs (or in the case of the outside wall, down to the stone.)  We insulated and drywalled and installed new prefinished wood floors.  I really wanted to save the old sub-floor but it was too damaged!  We put the old cabinets back in the kitchen in new locations.  

Old arrangement…

New arrangement….

The cabinets have been primed and you can see a sneak peek of the new color.  (It’s BM Deep Ocean, but only one coat so far, so it will be  a little richer.)  There will be open shelves over the sink.  That soffit hides plumbing pipes- necessary since I moved the toilet upstairs.  Still not sure if I will try to hide it or not.  This is only a temporary kitchen in theory.  (But you know how life is, I may end up wanting to spend my money elsewhere…)

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of cabinets AT ALL.  I also plan to add an Ikea island, so that should help.  I really will have to be efficient in this space, though.  Also, the wall cabinet is too high.  It was lower and I had Angelo raise it but then I decided it was too high.  Hehe, thank goodness he is patient.  Thinking I’ll line them up with the top of the window.

Here is the floor plan again.  I know many of you had various opinions about how you would lay it out, but this works for me for now.  I didn’t want to move the plumbing for the sink.  (Super budget renovation, remember?)  Plus its 5 steps from the sink to the range, so its not bad at all.

See the kitchen mood board HERE

That’s all for me.  Have a great weekend!  I’ll be painting… again 🙂

  1. Sarah K

    love the turquoise cabinets. Have a great weekend

  2. Kristen

    Love to see you chugging along! I bet you can’t wait to have everything done! Looks great so far.

  3. it’s so fun to see the updates and progress – thanks for sharing! happy painting 🙂

  4. Nancy

    This looks so awesome. Im excited for you! You’re making progress!! Have a good weekend.
    xo Nancy

  5. It is so exciting to see it coming together!!! I’m *dying* over the color of the cabinets! Totally amazing! Plus I already know you’re going to make it look amazing in there, so it makes me double excited (c;

  6. I am beyond excited to see the final product. So inspired by real budget kitchens – not just ones where budget means “we didn’t spend a million dollars”.

    Two quick questions: are you doing a backsplash? Like a subway? Or are you leaving it since it’s a temp kitchen? Also, have you considered tiny open shelves beside the cabinet on the left of the window (for tchotzkes or cookbooks)and discounted them cuz they’d be just too small?

    Happy painting luv!

  7. Can your budget take a counter depth fridge? In smaller spaces they seem to belong more as they don’t jut out.

  8. Erin

    Love the cabinet color! Also you are the floor plan wizard, so I’m sure this is as efficient as your kitchen could possibly be.

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