Cottage Update: Moving Day

Today is the day.  I’m not gonna claim we are ready.  The kitchen isn’t done.  The painting isn’t complete.  I haven’t even gotten to see the wood on the first floor properly revealed (they are still covered in paper) but nevertheless, the furniture is moving in.  I’m probably crazy, I’m definitely stressed, I’m just desperately trying to take it all in stride.  Wish me luck, Lovers!

cottage move inThe Cottage, around 3:30pm Yesterday

  1. Naomi – The new blog is amazing! What a wonderful layout – it really expresses your personality and is so full of good stuff, but so organized!

    Have a good move. I am sending patience your way from New York. It is so stressful – but your new home is really pulling together and will be oh so worth the troubles!

    Come over and visit my blog – I’m hosting a Valentine’s giveaway!


  2. Raiana

    It looks really amazing so far!! Im so loving keeping up with the progress and whole project. I hope moving goes as smoothly as possible, it sucks no matter what. We stay in our current house largely in part to not wanting to move again until its the last move for 10 years AT LEAST.
    Cant wait to keep following and see all the progression!


  3. Kelli

    good luck – it will all come together before you know it. and the best part is you are IN! Your own adorable cottage – how sweet!

  4. You can do it! Carve out a little time to sleep afterward, but enjoy the adrenaline while you can. Good luck! xoxo

  5. nelya

    So exciting! Best of luck on a smooth move. I know it’s stressful, but new beginnings should be appreciated. Do stop and smell the drywall. ;0)


  6. Annette

    Love your blog, but I miss your old blog, the new format is very small for me.

    i will try to figure it out. Love the process of your new home cottage!

    • Naomi

      Hi Annette- We made the font bigger. I Hope that helps!

  7. Ashley

    Now we can be neighbors! Hope all goes well and that you’re pain-free tomorrow!

    • Naomi

      Yay, Ashley I’m so excited!!

  8. Kristen

    Good luck!! So excited to see you all moved in :)

    • Naomi

      Thanks for the heads up, Julia!

  9. Love the new look around here and I love that you are moving in! Who cares if the floor is still covered, kitchen not done… you can’t move furniture into a perfectly finished house because that is so not reality in the world of design.
    Here is to new spaces and keeping it real!

    • Naomi

      True that, Danika!! Thanks Dear.

  10. Madhu

    Absolutely love ‘Naomi’s loft’! Brilliant colours! You obviuosly have a thing for elephants :)

  11. So exciting…can’t wait to see!! The staircase looks gorgeous ~

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