Cottage Update: Medicine Cabinet Crush

Still down in Mexico.  It’s a little piece of heaven!  (Look for a little recap when I’m back on Friday.)  I must admit though, as I stand at the shoreline, watching the turquoise, blue, cobalt, ocean waves, I can’t help but think affectionately about my new medicine cabinet.  Not obsessively.  Trust, I have other thoughts.  But I am excited to fill it up with my essential goodies when I move in next Tuesday(!)


medicine cabinet

Don’t mind the sconces.  I’m working on recovering the shades.

Check out the inside!  The double mirrored interior is such a nice touch.

medicine cabinet open 2

I just love the arched top (the perfect little Moroccan flair) and weathered wood finish.

Get it HERE. It’s on sale too!

  1. Stacie

    Beautiful cabinet. Is your recessed into the wall or just mounted flush? From the dimensions on rh, it seems large just mounted flush. Are you happy with looks of yours?

    • Naomi

      It is recessed but still sticks out quite a few inches. I like it a lot, but I do wish it sat flatter to the wall.

  2. erin

    Hi! Lovely bathroom! I am considering that medicine cabinet also. It is a little hard to tell the colors on the computer. I was just curious if you have the ‘weathered’ or the ‘brown’ color? Thanks!

    • Naomi

      I believe its the weathered version.

  3. Ah goodness…so so good! Absolutely LOVE that bathroom of yours. And do you know what else I love…how amazing it looks over here- stunning!!!

  4. Melanie

    Love how the bathroom is progressing! Did you get the small or the large? Beautiful!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Melanie! I went with the Small version.

  5. Melissa

    Moving in! So exciting! I bet you are thrilled. I can’t wait to see the progress.

    Great medicine cabinet. The wood breaks up all that white so nicely. And the mirrors inside are priceless.

    Hope you are having a blast in Mexico!

  6. Aubrey

    I’m positive that is the coolest medicine cabinet. EVER. And dang, what I wouldn’t give to be on a beach right now! But after the all the stuff you’ve been putting up with, you are definitely deserving of some chillaxin’! Enjoy every second…and look forward to coming back to your kickin’ medicine cabinet (c;

  7. LindsB

    Umm this is the most awesome cabinet I’ve seen- I LOVE this! I wish my landlord would install this in my bathroom!

  8. Amber

    i love that!

    is there a way to follow your blog by email in this new format? when I click subscribe feed it just opens up a window with a lot of text.

    • Naomi

      Hey Amber- I noticed the issue with the subscribe button. Plan to fix it in a few days when I’m back in the States!

  9. Very pretty! I’d actually love to hear a little more about the sconces when you get back. I’m in the market for a pair for my bathroom right now and I’m not really sure what to look for.

  10. Kelli

    i love that it’s mirrored inside and out! very cool and I’m so excited for you to move in! I know you are!

  11. Ashley

    Moving next Tuesday!?! So excited for you! Enjoy your well-deserved time off in Mexico!

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