Cottage Update: Carpets removed

Last week the DM crews had a break at Project Craftsmanwhile the wood floors were being installed, so they hopped over to my cottage to remove three floors of carpet.  (I’m SO lucky to own a construction company- this would have taken me weeks and weeks to do on my own and they did it in two days.)

On the first floor we discovered antique pine that has been painted.  The living and dining areas are in decent condition, but we are unsure of the state of the kitchen floors.  Underlayment was installed on top of the pine and tile was installed on top of that.  I’m crossing all fingers and toes that my guys can remove the tile floor without damaging the pine.  I’d really like to salvage the old floors!!

If the kitchen floors are in bad shape, I will investigate patching them with pine.  That may prove to be too pricey or difficult, in which case, I will replace the whole first floor with new wood.  This is NOT my first choice, but as it is going to be one open room I want all the floors to be the same.  I really don’t like it when floors change in the middle of an open space.  That is NOT an option for me.

Upstairs I really hit the jackpot- both the master bedroom and dressing room have beautiful stained pine floors.  There is minor damage and lots of paint drips.  I’m hoping I can simply screen them and re-coat.  I may need to sand and re-stain them. 

PS- I also primed the bedroom.  The white makes me so much happier than the yellow!  (Not that my bedroom is going to stay white…)

The dressing room is still yellow.  It will look so much better once I add wallpaper.   {Trembles with excitement.}

The room I’m most excited about?  The 3rd floor loft.  These floors have had some serious water damage.  I’m not too concerned.  I plan to sand them and then paint them glossy white.  OH Baby its going to be heavenly.

Soon we will be taking out the wall between the living space and the kitchen.  I’m so stinking excited!!  

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  2. Just have to tell you about my experience ripping up old floors. In a small apt. in a very old town by the sea. I tore down wall to turn three rooms and a hall into one space. The living area had beautiful old pine floors – just perfect!! But the other two rooms and the hall had a mixture of tile, carpet and a different wood. The workers put in absolutely brand new pine (raw and white) in the three spaces after tearing out the old floors. Then a genius of a floor finisher totally matched the color and finish to the old pine. You cannot tell the difference – even when I tell people it is not the same floor, they don’t believe it! So, don’t give up if the kitchen floor is not as good as the rest. Work with it. It can be done!!

  3. You’re lucky to have find this beautiful wood floor under the old carpets!
    I can’t wait to see the closet wallpaper and the glossy white floor at the 3rd floor …!

  4. Erin

    I can’t even believe your windfall! And the white is glorious already.

    Totally with you on one seamless floor… Hope the kitchen can be salvaged.

    Wish I owned a construction crew!

  5. jtc

    What does screen and re-coat mean?

  6. I have to say dude, this house does not look small inside, at least in the photos! It looks like a nice space and I know you’ll work your magic on it. 🙂

  7. @Ashley- I don’t know about floor stain! I will have to dedicate a whole post to it…
    I’m leaning dark but not too dark

  8. Ashley

    Oh, man, this is good news (assuming the kitchen flooring works out). Did you mention how light/dark you’re going on the first floor?

  9. So exciting to see your progress! Living vicariously through you 😉

  10. I’m thrilled you had those wooden floors under the rug…and I think painting them white in the loft part will be fab!

  11. I love all of this. Wow, is this going to be good. It is so much brighter without the carpet.

  12. Kristen

    Wow! Looks like things are really coming along! So excited to see the finished product. Good luck 🙂

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