Cottage Talk: Painting Trim, Glorious Trim

True to my word, I did some serious painting last weekend.  In my bedroom I did just the first coat of the walls and trim- so nothing to share yet- but its looking to be very TEAL.   I decided to paint my trim and doors the same color as the walls (BM Naples Blue) but in semi-gloss.  In a deeply saturated room WHITE makes a big statement, so I want to use it wisely (think crisp punctuations in curtains and bedding.)  I didn’t want the doors or windows to pop, thus why I painted out the trim. It’s going to be like a little jewelbox in there… I am very excited.

Trim is SO important in a room and often I think its overlooked.  It can be used for contrast or to simplify and it certainly doesn’t just need to be white.  Here are a few of my favorite looks for painted trim.

Imagine this room without the black doors and trim?  Totally different right? – Sara Story

White is used as a purposeful contrast in this teal room. – Michelle Workman

Look closely:  There is some kind of wall moulding in this room, 
but you can’t really tell because it’s been painted out the same color as the wall.

No plain white door and trim here!
A color is pulled from the gorgeous wallpaper to give the door its own statement.- Hutton Wilkinson

Mona Ross Berman gave her clients’ dining room the total pale lilac paint treatment.  
Imagine all of those mouldings contrasting in the room?  It would have been a much busier space. 

Pink trim is bold, even for me, but I love what it does to this space!

Windows and trim have been painted out the same turquoise shade as the walls, 
allowing other pieces to stand out in the room.- Miles Redd

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RE- Yesterday:  You guys are the bees knees.  
My readers constantly surprise me with their intelligence and compassion.  Thank you.

  1. i love the look. I was just at a friend’s home yesterday with contrasting trim and could not get enough of it. It makes for a beautiful statement.

  2. Erin

    I love painted trim, but I get confused when I think of different trim treatments in the same house… please discuss :)

  3. Hmmm, I don’t know, Erin. I’m ok with mixing it up from room to room if the rooms are separated. They should still correlate and flow. In an open space, all should be the same obviously. I’m dying to do black trim downstairs, which obviously differ from the bedroom.

  4. Erin

    Yeah, I think having multiple floor levels helps a lot.

    All this is inspiring me to mix it up a bit. I really love the tone on tone trim look.

  5. Sara Story’s house is one of my faves!! I also love trim painted the same color as the walls. Seriously cannot wait for the reveal of your cottage!

  6. Well, here in Romania, trim is so rarely used… I think you find it only in old houses, and naot even there… I think that’s us, without the trim!:)) But I do love it!! And flat paint with gloss or semi gloss I think will be a dream!! I understand you’ll use white, but will you also use accents in another colour to pop out?
    Or you’re keeping it a surprise?:)

  7. Ozana, I also plan to use black and a bit of magenta. Bedroom mood board coming soon!

  8. Yes, yes!!! Magenta!!! I was really hoping you, say that!!:)

  9. If you do the same color trim and walls, do you use the same paint finish? Semi/Semi Matte/Matte Or would you do matte on walls semi on trim?


  10. This post could not come at a more perfect time! In my friend’s place we are painting all the doors high gloss black and were wondering about the baseboards and trim. Thank you for this!! I’ll be forwarding along.

  11. Naomi I love these examples and cannot wait to see your bedroom makeover!

    2013 Artists Series

  12. I recently painted doors/trim same color as my wall color (BM hale navy) and I LOVE it. I was nervous/scared/worried since it was all done in high gloss, but it came out better than imagined. It’s so nice not to have a strong colored wall broken up visually with white trim and doors.

  13. zlota

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    • manifest

      Hi Kyle-
      The floors are just standard poly. I photographed them after two coats, but they actually get 3. We always saved the 3rd and final finish for the last day of the job right before move-in so they are extra special.

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