Cottage Talk: My Living Room Rugs

Last week I talked about how I plan to keep my living room rug neutral.   It will be a 6 x 9 jute rug with a tan cowhide layered over it.  It just so happens that I have this set up in my current bedroom, so I thought I’d share the look in real life.

I’m also going to have the wood chair in my living room, though I think I’ll recover the seat.  Not that I think zebra is out (it’s a classic,) or zebra and cowhide can’t play together (I love a good menagerie,) it’s just not what I’m feeling for the space.  I want softer.

The rattan coffee table used to be my nightstand in the loft.  It’s a great size for my teeny tiny living room and may live there temporarily until I find something I love.   I like the concept of glass over the rugs, but I’m just not sure yet.  I want the rest of the room to fill in.

PS- the rug was bought forever ago on Overstock.  I hope to upgrade to Merida or Fibreworks at some point.  Jenny wrote a great post on jute rugs here.  The cowhide is from Ebay… I think.

  1. Your rug choice is simple the best. Keep posting more such rug pictures. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  2. I love the layered look that you’ve got going on here. You inspired me to layer a sheepskin over a dark red rug that I have in my bedroom. It lightened everything up!

  3. Erin

    You are inspiring me to consider a cowhide for the nursery… indestructible, yes?

  4. Layered hide….what is not to love. I would do in every room if I could!

  5. wonderful look. you and your rug choices kill me. the rug you featured for the cottage bath in the last post is making me drool. looking forward to seeing both….donna

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