Cottage Talk: First Floor Plan

Guys, I must admit to being a tad overwhelmed right now.  Between the blog, a hefty workload, my own cottage renovation, and holidays on the horizon I just feel like there isn’t enough of me to go around.  But this is just the way life goes- most of the time its too crazy and once and awhile its too damn slow and I guess I’m OK with all of that.  So forgive me while I quit the internet today and take care of other business.

Here’s my 1st floor Plan and a few thoughts on the matter.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Entrance Doors: Both front and back doors are smack middle of the cottage which is highly annoying for furniture and kitchen placement.  No they are not moving- I have STONE Walls.

Sofa:  The sofa is off-center from the window in order to fit an end table to the left of it.  Don’t worry- I’ll mask that difference with curtains!

Powder Room:  Lots of people had opinions on a potential first floor powder room. I ultimately decided there wasn’t space for it.  I prefer to have a decent-sized kitchen.  There will be a PR in the basement.  Not as convenient, but at least I’ll have two potties.

Kitchen Layout:  There was equal internal and external debate over the kitchen layout.  I toyed with the sink in the island, a peninsula dividing dining room from kitchen, expanding the kitchen into the dining space.  Ultimately I chose to keep the kitchen in its original footprint because it felt the appropriate scale for the 1st floor.  Perhaps I’ll share some of the rejected ideas next week.

Furniture:  I’m planning to re-use all of my furniture.   There will be quite a few makeovers, though.   The console table and server are still iffy as I’m hoping to acquire a few pieces from my Nana.  I’ll know more about that on Monday!

Scale:  Furniture placement and size was very important to me.  Since the space is small, I want it really functional, but I really want it to feel open and flow well too.  This mean a smaller table, smaller side chairs and selective furnishings.

** Update ** Table: Forgot to mention I’m inheriting a round table from my mom that has leaves.  SO great for a small space.  It will be round most of the time, but can expand to oval for my imaginary dinner parties I’m sure I will throw some day.

So there ya have it- my 494 Square foot first floor and how I plan to use it.

See BEFORE photos of the First Floor HERE.

  1. Anonymous

    Love it! You know I’ve always thought that a built in bench might look neat next to a fireplace like that. Sometimes that would almost be like a chaise lounge type shape. I saw one in a shelter magazine recently and can’t get the idea out of my head. I thought fire safety would be an issue but I guess not?

  2. It has been so much fun watching your plans evolve! Can’t believe all that’s on your plate during such a busy time of year! Take a moment and enjoy a glass of wine and that pup of yours this weekend. xo Maggie

  3. @Kim- I agree, a sink under a window can be nice. I didn’t want to move plumbing as this is only a “half” kitchen redo. Perhaps I will relocate the sink when I undertake a full kitchen renovation.

  4. @Kati, Emily and Rachel thank you so much!! You guys are the sweetest.

  5. @anon- re: coats. I have hooks inside the stairwell to my basement. Not ideal, but I don’t mind walking a few steps to put coats away.

  6. I don’t comment enough. You deserve more love. I am so impressed with your ability to work with what you have, to utilize existing elements to their most fabulous, and to incorporate inherited pieces into your modern world. I am so very happy for you! This place is going to totally change your life! Can’t wait to see it all come together (but totally adoring the peek into the process). Kudos. Much deserved. xoxo

  7. Anonymous

    where are you going to put your coat when you come in from nasty weather?

  8. Love the layout. The rooms seem to flow in to each other very naturally.

  9. Kim Grey

    Your plan looks great! Such a fantastic use of the spaces. I think it will turn out beautifully.

    The only thing I would do differently, if it were my place, would be to place the kitchen sink by a window, because I really like to look outside while doing dishes.

    I had an apartment, for a long time, with no window over the sink, and it was a bit depressing, to me. But I know there are ways to brighten up such a space, such as hanging artwork over the sink, to have something lovely to gaze upon while doing that boring daily chore.

    Best of luck to you, Naomi! Looking forward to seeing reno pics.

  10. Robin

    I love the layout! Especially for your tiny kitchen. I have a tiny kitchen with really-well-made cabinets that would be a sin to discard just because they are from 1980, so I’m going to paint them black… except your blue has me re-thinking that… And the doors may be awkward for furniture placement but think of the cross-breezes you’ll have!

  11. Rachel

    You are a freaking genius. I love your designs and am so inspired by you!

  12. Emily

    This is my first time to comment on your blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I love following your progress on your cottage! I am a relatively new follower, and really enjoy your content. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, work, and space with us even when life feels crazy.

  13. Erin

    You are such a wizard with layouts — there is no way I could possibly improve on your plan here. Looks perfect to me!

    And congrats on being so busy!

  14. Looks great – can’t believe you are doing all this during the holidays. You are holding it all together, girl!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  15. Naomi — it looks fantastic! Removing those walls in the LR was the best decision you could have made! Much more open and flows very well… best of luck!

  16. I really like the layout of the living room especially. I would’ve struggled with it so much but this totally makes sense! It sounds like you’re really thinking through all your decisions and I would love to see the rejected kitchen ideas and why you rejected them. That would be helpful for when we redo our kitchen someday!

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