Cottage Talk: Bathroom Fixture and Finish Selections

I’m getting ready to order materials for the Cottage bathroom renovation and I thought I would share my ideas so far.  Before you take in the specifics below, make sure you are caught up on my bathroom plan I shared last week.

I bit the bullet yesterday and bought a rug for the bathroom.  
I offered $100 less than seller’s asking price and they accepted!  I love “Make Me an Offer” on Ebay. 
 The colors in this rug are so unique.  I can’t wait to see it in person.  (It already shipped from Turkey.)

In planning the design, I first started with the tile and I always knew I wanted it to be really classic and clean.  
I prefer to keep my permanent fixtures simple and make my statements with secondary elements (see above.) 
For my floor I may do a Carrara marble basketweave or I may opt to save money do a 2″ white hexagon with dark grout.  

We plan to use subway tile on my shower walls.  
I’m hoping we have enough of this beautiful hand-made subway tile leftover from a previous job.  
If not, I will save dough and purchase some from American Olean. 
Either way, I also plan to use dark grout on the walls.  Not necessarily black, but certainly at least dark gray. 
 I will confirm that in the field.  (The best place to do it!)

For the rest of the walls I’m dying to do a vertical stripe.  
I’m leaning toward two shades of teal.  I may go softer or more tone on tone.  
This isn’t really something you can plan out on the computer, so I’ll worry more about it once the space is prepped and ready.  
After all, paint is the easiest thing to tailor so I plan to finalize that last.

Color inspiration {Sarah Lederman / Glitter Guide}

For the faucet, I like Kohler’s Margaux in polished nickel.  
It’s classic- very fitting for an 100 year old home- but also feels modern to me.  
I also like that the spout isn’t too high or too low.   
The big question is lever or cross handles?  I like the cross handles in theory, but it person they felt a bit clunky to me.

I wanted an small, open sink console with two storage drawers and ceramic sink top.   For me, the winner was the Kelston by Kohler.  
I plan to put a big basket in the open section and store my hair dryer and assorted everyday hair products. 
 I’m also contemplating painting the vanity chartreuse.  
I think it would look great with the teal walls, but I need to see the rug in person first, as it has some yellows in it.

That bottom knob will need to get replaced with this…

In order to maximize storage I am doing a medicine cabinet.  
I may do a simple frameless version, but the maximalist in me wants to use the Whitby by Restoration Hardware.   
The weathered wood isn’t for me, though, so I would paint the frame a dark teal.  (Darker than the walls.)

I just love the shape. 

I will flank the medicine cabinet with two sconces from Visual Comfort. 
Thanks to Melissa from Veranda Interiors for hooking me up with her old ones!

I’m also using the Margaux series in my tub/shower.  Definitely prefer the cross handle control here.  
I don’t mind mixing styles, so I’ll probably go with the levers for the faucet and the cross for the shower.

Even though I love the look, I’m leaning toward not tiling the tub front like I discussed last week
 I felt like I couldn’t do both the striped walls and the tiled tub and I’d prefer the freedom to do something more interesting on the walls.  
I really like Mirabelle’s Edenton tub, it’s hard to tell in the image here, but the front is totally clean and chic.

I want a simple white shower curtain with a teal border.  
This one from PB Teen is a similar look (and a great price!)  
I’m guessing the color isn’t right for me, so I will most likely make my own.  

For accessories, I’m planning on the Grafton Glass towel bar and coordinating toilet paper holder.

I’ll be putting the robe hook on the back of my door and thought I’d have a little fun there.  
This elephant hook from Anthropologie is just what the doctor ordered.

Oh yes, I went there!

All of the pieces together will look a little something like this.  

I’m so excited.  Let’s get this bathroom built, already!
  1. Name

    I’m wondering how your rug has been holding up in the bathroom? Has it suffered any water damage or running of the colors?

    • Naomi

      the rug is great. we just washed it the other day.

  2. Martha

    Wow! Can’t believe you posted this months ago and I remembered this post and your tub! After using your tub for a while do you like soaking in it? Thinking about purchasing it… love the lines of it!

    • Naomi

      I do enjoy it a lot! It’s nice a deep so soaking is enjoyable.

  3. I love how your design brain works! You have amazing taste!

  4. This bath will be singing! I love everything you picked out and con not wait until it is finished!

  5. Okay now that I’ve seen your tub I agree about not tiling it. It’s gorgeous and simple, and you’ve got a lot going on everywhere else. It’ll be nice to have one solid white surface to break up all the pattern.

    Also, I think lever style is simpler to use when it comes to a faucet.

    Lastly, you are a genius to use dark grout! White grout can end up looking really dingy over time.
    So excited for you!

  6. It’s funny, we used the Margaux faucet (lever style) in our powder room with the same basketweave tile (but with added black mini squares). It’s a handsome combo, and the faucet reach is great – no washing hands all cramped up against the sink back (I hate that). I say, splurge on the tile. The bathroom can’t be that much square footage-wise (your cottage is wee, and totally cute!), and installation is probably the about same either way. You won’t regret it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  7. Ooooh it’s going to look SO good! This is making me want to get a Turkish rug for my bathroom too (I looked at some of your picks in the last post and my faves were all sold out. Now I’m on the hunt!) xo, vmac

  8. Love the plan!! Wish I had you to consult on my own kitchen and bath renos. As a designer, the most trying project I have is my own house! I like too many things, and change my tastes too often to commit! 🙂 Thanks for always posting such amazing eye candy.

  9. gorgeous rug and details. cant wait to see progress and final. 🙂

  10. Kecia

    Great rug! I love eBay!

  11. That rug is INCREDIBLE. I know the cottage bathroom is going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it all!

  12. Erin

    OMG THAT RUG!!! I want it. Le sigh.

    So my picks are: lever for the faucets, hex tile for the floor (save money!), gold rub n buff for the medicine cabinet, and a paint color that makes you look amazing.

    Now come do my bathrooms!

  13. @lavitapetite I hadn’t thought of gray or black for the vanity, but it could be a nice way to pull out the dark colors in the rug. All my paint colors are up for grabs right now, so we will see.

  14. Unknown

    Have you had luck in painting stripes before? Painters tape and I don’t get along. Everything I try to use it, it’s a disaster. Have any tips?
    Love the design board, BTW!

  15. I love the direction but i am not sure if i like the chartreuse idea. I think it can get a bit juvenile since you are already using bright turquoise. I’d prefer to see it in black or charcoal grey. Maybe bring in the chartreuse in the shower curtain border instead?

    Just my thoughts.

  16. LOVE! People never seem to realize how many decisions go into a small bathroom. You totally just laid it out–and your choices are gorgeous.


  17. Diggin’ the rug. Looking forward to the end result! ( =

  18. obsessed with the small turkish rugs! I have a huge one in the pink and charcoal – that pink and gold is amazeballs – so special!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  19. Kristen

    So much fun! Love the flooring options you selected! Either one will look amazing.

  20. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m kind of having trouble picturing it in my mind, but I have full confidence it’ll be phenomenal. I just love how unique and distinct your design aesthetic is.

  21. I love the rug!! That will make it. And the little elephant is too cute. As for the paint color….this is totally personal….I have a similar paint color in my guest bathroom…maybe a bit more turquoise…I was thrilled at first…it waowed everyone when they came in….but now I’m really, really, really sick of it. Its probably just me…just a friendly heads up.

  22. Irene- I welcome feedback- as long as its put nicely! Both the mirror and vanity will come in their natural states and then I will decide what to do. I’m leaving this whole design pretty loose and will determine most things in the field.

  23. Tara

    I love this plan!! I can’t wait to see how you change and tweak it as you go along. I am so interested in your designing process.

  24. Awesome. Love the rug. The cute little elephant hook for some personality and the towel holder is chic and modern. I really like the mirror as is. The wood brings in a natural element. But you know what you want, so I won’t try butting in.

  25. love everything so far!!! we just did our shower in white subway and had to use white grout, because the darker grout would have shown off how UNsquare the bathroom walls are. the subway mosiac prob wasnt the best for our space considering how out of square it was, but whats done is done. i love your picks for your space. OH – and the Grafton towel bar – I have that one too in my bathroom. ITS AWESOME. The sheer weight of it alone shows how great the quality is 🙂

  26. Mary

    I’m glad you plan on painting your vanity. It bothers me that the vanity is a different shade of white than the sink.

  27. Lily

    That rug is SO gorgeous !! What an amazing find!


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