Cottage Talk: A few Nana Acquisitions

My Nana, who has impeccable taste, is downsizing and her children and grandchildren are inheriting many pieces she cannot fit into her new condo.  Going through and dividing up a house full of treasurers proved to be rather emotional for me.   I totally forgot to take pictures of most of the beautiful items I “won” before packing them up into boxes.  So I will have to share my fabulous  décor swag later, but for now I’ll reveal two furniture items that I will be welcoming into the cottage.

The cottage is an intentional and layered mix of traditional and modern.  You will see and hear me repeat that again and again as I make my selections.  This was true in the balance of my kitchen and bathroom designs and is also the case in the pieces I chose for my dining area.

The first Nana acquisition is this chrome and glass console tablethat will live in my dining room window alcove.  This is my bit of modern.

Ignore the tchotchkes on top and imagine it being all fabulous like this…   

Domino Mag

Only instead of a desk, it will house a bar tray and some choice decorative items.  

I acquired some darling butterfly tumblers from Nana and perhaps they will live there too. 

I also plan to put a bench under the console table for additional seating.  Similar to Ruthie Sommers’ set up below… only clean and simple.  I’m attempting to go “minimalistic” and only use my favorite pieces.

My functional dining room storage will be housed in acquisition #2, the wood sideboard.  

This would also be the touch of traditional in the room.

I will put art above it, a lamp on top and style it up all cute.  Sort or like this…

Alex Papachristidis

Or perhaps this…

Helene Schjerbeck

The pieces will be laid out like how I showed in the floor planlast week.  Here is another visual of where they will go.  Imagine a round table in the middle and most of that kitchen wall gone!  (And wood floors, white walls, curtains, art etc etc.)

So that’s my mix of modern and traditional and how I plan to use it in my dining room!  I’m also inheriting a traditional wood table from my mom and adding a modern pendant light above that I shared yesterday.  Once I snap a pic of my new/old dining table I’ll put together a little mood board for the room.  

I feel so so lucky to have select pieces of my grandmother’s and mother’s furniture.  There is something very cool about a multi-generational furniture scheme.  I love that each piece has a story… even the ones I tracked down on my own.  I hope one day some of my own treasures will be cherished by my family too.  Corny moment.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  1. Kristen

    Yay, I’m glad we finally got to see what you got from Nana! The space feels so much more like a home with these personal touches!

  2. Ashley

    These heirlooms are what will make your dining room even more than beautiful (which it will be, undoubtedly)…it will be comfortable and personal.

  3. sounds PERFECT!! I love the mix of old and new, but most of all, that its a family piece(s). I loved everything my grandma had – I dont know why i was more fixated on her style than my mom’s for a long time. anyways – great minds and all that 😉

  4. lucky girl! not only are they sentimental, they’re gorgeous and perfect for your space. i have some hand me down art prints and a side chair from my mom, that make me so happy, because i remember seeing them growing up and also gives a great mix to the newer things i have. :)

  5. Your Nana has great taste! My babcia’s house has not changed in decades. It’s all brown shag rugs and even an avocado colored stove. I love her house.
    Everything is going to look amazing!

  6. So great that you still have your Nana and are able to share in her good taste! I have my grandmother’s china cabinet and buffet and they hold prominent positions in my home. And one of her chairs resides in my daughter’s room. Definitely special.

  7. The console will be perfect and most of all your “new” pieces will always have great meaning to you!

    Happy Thanksgiving Naomi!

    Giveaway from Scalamandré!

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  9. There’s nothing more interesting in a room than passed down furniture from family. Not only does it have history, it’s sentimental too.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

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