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As a maximalist, I struggle with editing.  Like rugs, for instance.  My general belief is: The More Rugs, The Better.  Layer them, compliment them, put them in the kitchen, stick them outside.  Say no to drugs, but yes to rugs.

BUT… I am truly inspired by certain living rooms that have NO rugs.  To go rugless is to make a statement.  Maybe its saying to simplify.  These spaces feel minimal, yet full, layered and soothing.  Warmth must be derived from other textures and finishes.

I’m always trying to warm up a space, but maybe its OK to go cool underfoot. 
In my own apartment, I’m rethinking rugs.  Only the use of rugs in the dining table and entry area, you couldn’t tear away my tangiers rug from my living room if you tried.  Maybe I don’t need the rugs to designate areas?  Maybe I should go bare and let other elements do the talking.

Then again, my wood laminate floors aren’t gorgeous like these specimens above…   

Would you go rugless?

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  1. I’m the same way, always trying to warm up a space. I only have a rug in gmy living room (of my open plan apt). Went without for dining and kitchen. Still not sure how I feel about it.

  2. So far our living room doesn’t have a rug, but that isn’t by choice. Once our things arrive, I hope to remedy that. But those interiors may just change my mind.

  3. Fran

    The pictures you posted are v. cool looking, but I don’t think I could go rugless in our main home esp. w/kids. However, maybe in a second home on the beach??? I would definitely try it….

  4. I would go rugless if the room called for it! These room have a certain calm about them. Did you notice they’re all monochromatic? At least it looks that way to me. It’s an interesting thought to consider–going rugless. Is that like going braless? 😉

  5. We have a beni ourain in our living room (because we have a dark couch and dark floors) but in the dining room, I opted for no rug. I actually don’t get why you’d want a rug in an eating area. And with our toddler, it’s a bad idea!

    I say go rugless (I was going to write “go carpet commando” but that just sounds gross! Ha!).

    Good point above, perhaps it makes more of a statement if there is a clean palette to begin with??

  6. I think that is my hesitation on the whole rugless thing is my floors aren’t nearly as drool worthy as those gorgeous ones in the pics! Plus, I think I am not that partial to the feel of cold floors underfoot, even if they do look pretty (c:

  7. Jessie

    I love rugs on my floor because I like a room that looks more finished. These images are nice because they have great floors but all we inherited from the previous owners are oak floors. So, we definitely need some rugs to pretty them up!


  8. Never! I love what a rug does to warm up a space and define the separate areas. I don’t use rugs in eating areas but love them everywhere else.

  9. I do take away the rugs in indian summer the last thing you want to think of is warmth..since i have white marble floors they just look prefect and feel very cool unfoot as well..I chanced upon your blog while googling some images for panton chairs..which led me to an old post of yours talking about mixing up different style of chairs by vincent wolf!! must say i love your blog and hence following..Do visit my blog when you have a would be lovely if you would follow me too! xx meenal

  10. Erin

    I tried to go rugless long ago, but everything just felt so unfinished… maybe in the dining room, but tough to make it work in the living area unless you live spare and lofty like.

  11. Yes…I love the no rug look but then my dogs…..that just won’t work. Plus rugs do hide many sins because then the dust would just settle ever so lightly on top and not in tight little dust bunnies.

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