Chinoiserie Bathroom

This bathroom by ShawnHenderson Design is what my dreams are made of.  The chandelier, the mirror, that wallpaper.  de Gournay wallpaper will happen in my home at some point in my life.

Bottom two images via de Gournay

Happy Monday, peeps!  Have you all recovered from the weekend?

  1. Jessie

    These are my dream bathrooms. I would cover every inch of my house in de Gournay.

  2. You have to remind yourself it is a bathroom! I could imagine having tea and entertaining guests in each on of these rooms… er… bathrooms! LOL

  3. Erin

    I will go one step further than Jessie and vow to paper myself in de Gournay… loves.

  4. @Prippy Handbook- True. I would be inclined to use this paper in a powder room. Probably not in a room where someone takes steamy showers!

  5. Ashley

    It’s images like these that make me want to buy a house, just so I can put up pretty wallpaper.

  6. These bathrooms knocked my socks off. I’m pinning every one. Thanks for being just plain awesome. :-)

  7. I couldn’t agree more- that wallpaper is beyond fabulous. I am still recovering as we speak…. 😉

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