can I make this awesome?

So despite everyone’s best advice- be patient, tackle one project at a time- I’m jumping around again and I’m back to thinking about my settee.  During my lengthy search for a cute armless loveseat, what I failed to mention is that I actually already have a loveseat.

This guy is a little worndown, and he’s not armless, but his proportions are right.  So my question to you is- Do you think I can work some magic with reupholstering?
What if I did away with the skirt?
And changed out the legs for the cute little curved feet I like?  Why can’t this…
Turn into this
And I would need to choose new upholstery fabric, because this guy has seen better days…
I think I would just do away the wimpy tufting on the back… it’s not doing a lot for me.
What do we think?  Can I achieve the mood and spirit of this piece?
Or should I sell mine off, and buy this great, inexpensive piece from Overstock?  (Thanks Nelya and Erin!)  Only $320!
While that is a great deal, I am spending SO much money on this house, every little bit hurts.  Plus I would still want to reupholster it with a more snazzy fabric.
So, guys, for real…. give me your opinions!!!  What would you do?
  1. what about a cute light aqua/ gray-ish velvet (like that fainting sofa on urban outfitters) for some color? i love how the current chairs add some zing to the room.

    maybe consider putting some of the pieces at a slight angle too?

  2. How much do you hate the overstock couch upholstery? Could you tuck in a throw and add a pillow to make it happen? What about the other upholstery choices?

    Also, how comfy is the couch you have?

    I think either could work, but neither solution sounds cheap.

  3. Go ahead and rip the skirt off and see what you think. You can always staple it back on.

    I would suggest new seat cushions being made, too.

  4. Megan

    in my experienced used upholstery is worth next to nothing, even when it is practically new. Your money is probably better spent re-upholstering. of course if you sell it it is like a little discount on the new loveseat…

  5. Jessica

    I imagine that with your taste in fabric it would probably be cheaper to buy that cute one from overstock – also there is no point in reusing something or buying something that isn’t quite right or it will bug you so much that you’ll end up replacing it and then you’ve spent the money twice – not like I’ve ever done that …

  6. Tough call — you’ll probably end up spending quite a bit to reupholster your love seat. But if it’s a well-made piece, then it might be worth the investment. Plus it’s always a good thing to repurpose what you already have 🙂


  7. that is a tough one. I’m always one for re-upholstering or slipcovering – and your piece has such classic lines. but, heck, what do I know. I have my own ‘do I keep it or sell it’ dilemmas goin’ on!

    good luck!

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