callling all product sleuthers!


Does anyone know where I can find a chrome version of this Asian-style decorative plate?

Tansu Brass Hardware by Lee Valley
I discovered this stunning piece while following the enchanting progress of “Project Kitchen Gorgeous,” a Meredith Heron/ Bijou and Boheme collaboration.  Have you been following along?  I think its my favorite thing in the blogosphere right now.
Anywho, I’ve been thinking that my Rast cabinet needs a hardware upgrade.  How amazing would this cabinet be with a little bit of this hardware?
(excuse my wonky photo shop mock-up!  Just trying to visualize)
While I do love me some brass, chrome feels like it would be fresher, hipper and more in line with what I visualize for this whole vignette.
So Who can help me find some chrome beauties?
My other thought was to create  stencil of this.  But that still won’t get me the chrome finish I want.
  1. Have them plated! It’s pretty affordable and won’t be temporary like spray paint (which always chips and looks like crap). Good luck!

  2. Auto Parts stores have Chrome spray paint. Sounds odd but you can also ask a body shop to paint them for you. I got that idea from Nat Berkus this morning.

  3. Thanks, Susie! What a great source.
    Traci- I’m intrigued by this replating idea.

    spray painting is probably a NO unless I can find a spray paint that looks like chrome.

  4. Jessica

    Naomi – I lost you for a while there, but glad to have found you again. So first off, congrats on all the wonderful new things in your life! And I was gonna say I’d drop by Lee Valley for you on my walk home from work, but Christine’s “on the case” so I’m sure she’ll find just what you are looking for.

  5. Carol

    I like the look a lot. I’m sure one of your connections can find you some.

  6. I would probably just spray paint them and spray on a coat of clear gloss so they don’t chip or use silver leaf sheets and spray clear gloss again…good luck and great source!

  7. That would look amazing, sucha great idea, I’m actually also looking for some unique hardware to spice up a boring sever so if I see this design I will let you know ASAP!

  8. Sorry I suck and can’t help but I like hardware. I have the same design on a jewelry box. I like how the brass looks, then again I’m a brass junkie. Good luck finding the chrome.

  9. Hmm. Could you possibly get the ones they have and either spray them or leaf them to look like chrome (silver leaf, maybe?). That’s probably not helpful.

    I love your idea, though!

  10. Tara

    I just went through a huge process trying to find bail pulls for some built ins in my daughters’ room, so I have a few resources bookmarked. I’ll look through them during nap time and see if I can find anything for you!

  11. I have a rast hack awaiting some fabulous handles and these are stunning. Unfortunately I don’t have a source, but please share some pictures of the after when you get it!

  12. Afraid I can’t help you, but I do have this hardware on my bedroom furniture (in brass) so I wholeheartedly approve.

  13. Ah thanks Naomi- so happy you’re following along with our little project! As for the hardware, are you sure LV doesn’t have it in chrome? Most of their hardwars is available in many finishes. If not, I’m on the case- will see what I can find.

  14. I am definitely no help in this area, but I am 1000% on board with that idea! It will be amazeballs. I’m pretty sure I would hold out for the hardware…but maybe that is because I’m too lazy to make the stencil. (c:

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