Bulldog Stool / table

Forget the ever-popular elephant stool, I want this wood carved bulldog table.

How could you NOT love this mug?
Plus the little fella makes a handy-dandy table or stool

Handcarved Wood Stand, “Faithful Bulldog
$255 via NOVICA
Do you think he would be Bailey’s friend or foe?
  1. awww, my husband’s favorite breed!

  2. nkp

    So cute. I have a thing for animal-cum-furniture pieces as well. We have a giant, glass-topped, wrought iron bull table in our entry. Got him at auction. I don’t know what possessed me, but he spoke to me. Looked me straight in the eye, in fact, and said “buy me.” Who can argue with a bull that sends you subliminal messages? Not I, evidently! ;0)

  3. He’s so cute!! I’d love to have him in our house 🙂

    We saw two real bulldogs at the dog park tonight. One of them had the cutest curly-Q tail 🙂 Bulldogs always look like they’re headed somewhere with a purpose 🙂


  4. hehehhe… it reminds me of the pig ottoman in Alice in Wonderland. I will pass. 🙂

  5. Ok this is way too adorable! I love it! Please get it and take photos in your home 🙂

  6. I LOVE this! I am a huge bulldog fan. An extra bonus was that it would probably drive my mom a little crazy lol

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