Branch-Like Console tables

This post is for Robyn, who asked about a console table I showed in my post about entries.
This is the desired table.  I don’t know who makes it.  But I found a few that have a similar look and feel.
Whether it be real wood ~ driftwood, root wood etc ~ or Fake wood / Faux Bois ~ concrete, mortar and cement crafted to look like branches, logs, and bark~ there are several attractive tables out their that could add a little natural (or faux-natural) pizzazz to your entry area. 

These tables are so pretty, but for the most part these tables are pretty expensive.

My first thought was to look in my Roost Catalog.  I found two lovely specimens.
First the Roost Driftwood Console table.  Base is 32W x 22”D x 32” H. Wholesale only- you must go through a designer.

Second, I’m loving the Grove console from Roost.  The size is great- 40.5W x 14.5D x 30.75H, and the price is better.  I found it at Tuvalu Home Furnishings.

I kinda want this for myself!!  Looks great as is, or sprayed white.

Me likey-like this faux bois console table from Rituals Décor.  At 49x18x34”H it’s the perfect size.  They are custom made, so could be pricey.  Contact company for pricing.
I’m a big fan of Wisteria’s Rustic Trestle Console Table.  It’s bigger in scale (82x20x34h) and pricey ($999) and not really the driftwood look, but it still makes me happy.
Talking about pricey, Pieces’ has a white, Chinese root wood console table that’s some serious bank, $2,942.  She’s a sassy little table though.  Does it look a little bit like a horse drinking water to anyone else?
How about this table I found on Ebay?  Spray it white and it could be adorable.  They are asking $500.  It measures 52x12x 27.5”H
RusticWoodTables and  All Driftwood,  have a few nice options, like this red cedar option.  $795 including glass.  Also this driftwood version below.

What’s with the ocean shots, by the way?

Currey and Company make a curvy, branch-like, faux bois console table.  49″W x 29″H x 18″D.  Bellacor offers it for $932.80.

And lastly, not good for an entry, but if you are craving Driftwood in your life, Crate and Barrel has a cute end table.  $399 is more than I want to spend on an end table, but to Each their own, right?

If anyone else knows any better sources, feel free to add!
Until then I will be chilling with my driftwood table by the ocean.  Ahhhh that salty breeze….
  1. Don

    I create driftwood & glass foyer/sofa tables out of Florida red cedar driftwood, which is widely recognized as the finest & most unique driftwood for making this kind of furniture.

  2. holy moses I didn’t even look at West Elm. That one is a steal!
    Thanks, Jen!

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