Blue Walls

Confession #1:  I love Color.  Confession #2:  Color on My Own Walls Scares Me.  What’s up with that??
Construction is strumming along (mostly on schedule, can you believe it??), and in the near future the Boy and I will need to pick paint colors. Cue constricted chest, hue panic, chromatic anxiety.  What if I choose wrong?  I don’t want to Go Bold and then want to gouge my eyes out.  Or Go Soft and face the fact that I settled for Safe each and every day of my life.

So I’m trying to sike myself up, because while part of me would be quite happy with all white walls, and smartly accented wallpaper bits, THAT is not going to happen in this house.  Today’s color of choice:  BLUE!

I enjoy blue.  Navy and Cobalt are rich and strong backdrops for most other colors.  Thanks to Erin, I have been fully educated in the joys of Yves Klein Blue.  Don’t know about it?  Go forth and learn.  I used to love turquoise, but since its been named color of the year, I love it a little less.  Damn you, Pantone.  I like my blue rich, think Peacock.  Here are some rooms that work for me…

Antony Todd
I know some people don’t like accent walls, but I think the strong blue is balanced by the white wall.
Annie Schlecter via Design Crisis
Actually I think I like these bold walls better in small doses.  How about that pink sofa against the wall?  Love the contrast.  And I am NOT a pink lady.
canadian house and home
Like the Blue on these walls, but I think the blue rug is too much. 
elle decor via lampshade
YUM sums it Up.
Blue, white and black is a stunning combination.  But personally I crave more color than this.
via Architectual Digest
Marilyn rocked the Blue!
Oliver Furth via Style Court
I like how this room has bold blue walls, yet still incorporates green chairs and other colors through art and books.
Love the blue background Katie uses to display her goodies.  This would make a great wall color!
Is Blue bookshelves cheating?  Lurve me this space.
Blue and gold makes this ooo lala space.  Again, why a blue rug with the blue walls?
The blue walls do the talking, but the pink flowers make me smile…
If I do a blue room, I want more than just blue and neutrals!  So many colors work with blue, there is no reason not to add in the rainbow.  
Here is one pallet that Cassandra put together than I enjoy. 
Don’t you just love her pallets she creates?  This one made me realize I could even like light blue!! (When paired with coral)
So perhaps a bedroom or office will get a coat of blue paint.  Not sure yet….
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  2. Meggy

    So glad I found this post. Found it while searching for blue rooms for inspirations. Getting ready to decorate our den/family room and I want bright blue walls!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  3. Thanks for the shout out, lady!

    I had turquoise walls and hated them, but navy or klein blue, oh that could be another story. I say go for a rich, deep blue with a hint of purple. Yum.

  4. Lindsay

    Love you for doing this post! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that adores color but is terrified of chosing one for her own home. I’m in the same boat for our new condo! You’ve definitely made a strong case for blue though! xx

  5. Navy is a rockin color. It is intense yet soothing. It draws you in and creates drama without scaring you off. Great post.

  6. I have been pondering about the peacock blue shade for my study for a while… It would be such a bold choice that I feel I’m not that confident of a risk taker.

  7. nkp

    Love the blue bookcases, love the Oliver Furth room, and crazy for the spectacular blue door. I have all of these same images saved in my inspiration files…I just love that shade. I say go for it, living inside a colorful house can be so uplifting. This coming from a girl who lives in a veritable rainbow. :0)

    Ironically enough, i’m at the point where I want to paint everything a crisp, fresh white and start with a clean slate. But seriously, I know you’ve heard it before, but it really is only paint. If you do it yourself, the cost is limited to the price of supplies and although it would be a hassle to repaint, I think it’s worth the risk. Go with your gut-color, color, color!

  8. awesome post. enjoyed that very much…those bookcases are great and that image from Elle Decor with those moody blues, stunning. You have some great choices…but I can SO feel for you…it’s the decision that is so hard to make!

  9. I hope you go with some blue somewhere. It’s so classic and calming.

    P.S. Thanks for the link love!

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