Blue Shelves

I just love a navy or peacocky-blue color used on bookshelves.   It seems sophisticated yet colorful and hip.  Bold, yet easy to blend with other colors and concepts.  I’m gonna need to rock this in my future home or in a client’s home. It’s gonna be hawt.

  1. anita

    I think this is forever and ever my favorite color.

  2. I love love love this idea and fully support this idea for your loft!

  3. oh, goodness. i am dreaming about finding a house that can handle this kind of treatment because it’s definitely on my list of faves! just posted on the lacquer possibility, too….

  4. LOVE blue shelves, the darker and deeper the better!! Beautiful…

  5. Oh the curse of the awesome blog post. I wanted to paint my family room this gorgeous blue and changed my mind and ended up going white! I could kick myself, these are gorgeous. Dang it!

  6. I’m surprised how much I’ve been into blue lately, not only for my own home but for clothes this fall – I’ve moved away from my beloved oranges and warm hues.

    These are no exception, especially glossy where they take on so much more depth. And the books pop. It’s more preppy than black. Very chic.

  7. I’m all the way for blue shelves and agree with Erika, the glossier the better!

  8. Naomi, you’re always finding the best stuff! Loving that last image. Such a cozy reading den.

  9. Erin

    Ha! This is EXACTLY what I have in mind for the tiny front room of our new house… great minds think alike, yes?

    Confession: I might wimp out and do charcoal gray. Please stop me!

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