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One of my favorite blogs is Design Crisis.  I don’t remember how I discovered it-  I think I hopped over to read a guest post and was instantly captivated by the Erin and Karly’s writing style.  They said “Dude,” had great taste and seemed really cool.  Fast forward 3 years and I count Erin as one of my closest blogging buddies.  I go to her for second opinions on my personal projects, expert advice on photography for my portfolio, and a comforting ear to share Life’s Shit.  I’ve watched her masterfully decorate her first home and now move onto her family’s forever(?) home.  It’s a huge project and she is tackling it with gusto, style and humor.  I love that she incorporates her audience in the design process, asks for thoughts and opinions, yet everything she comes up with is inherently “her.”  It’s just a fun read and I love feeling like I’m a small part of it.  You should be reading too.  Just in case you are not, I thought I’d share a few “in progress” pics from her home…

YUM!  Can’t wait for her son’s room and her nursery reveal as well.  Not to mention wallpapers, foyer, powder room… you better get to work, E.  Did I mention she’s 9 months pregnant?  So impressive.

Let’s also just discuss the amazing dining room and nursery from her old home….

Just a little eye candy from  a talented friend for your Monday morning/afternoon.  PS- this was all done on a REAL person’s budget!  

All images Erin Williamson / Design Crisis


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  3. what a beautiful home! Such bold colors. I love it…and the mixture of furniture…..I can’t wait to visit their blog

  4. Love me some Erin! We’ve had many kindred Pinterest moments. Oh, and she cracks me up!

  5. I’ve had her nursery pinned for a while now, it’s one of my all time faves! Heading over to pay her a visit…

  6. I’m in love with her bedroom. You know I had to pin it.

  7. Wow, how do I not already know about Design Crisis?! This house is fabulous. Headed over to check them out!

  8. Wow, how do I not already know about Design Crisis?! This house is fabulous. Headed over to check them out!

  9. nkp

    Right on point about everything…’cept one, Erin is no real person, she’s a design goddess. :0)

  10. Kristen

    I totally get why you love it. So chic, and so many pieces to drool over.

  11. One of the best home tours I ‘ve seen in a while. Erin is on talented lady, amazing style. Thanks for sharing Naomi, and thanks for the introduction to Erin’s blog.


  12. She’s amazing.
    Simply amazeballs.
    I’ve been wondering where that gazillion-pinned nursery came from!

    I’ve seen some blogger’s homes featured, lately. Although insanely gorgeous, anyone with a brain knows there’s some serious, serious cash flow behind it. I love inspirational, but I NEED relatable, too.
    My point is: glad to know she’s working within budgets we can imagine.

  13. well, yes, you know i’m following. though i don’t remember how i found her originally either. pretty sure it was that previous dining room or nursery…

    adore you both! ox

  14. Erin

    No way, DUDE! You are too kind!

    Thanks for the love… and the spiritual decor guidance.

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