blank canvas

So my dear roommate, Carrie, is moving out. Leaving me for greener pastures. As she will only be a block and a half away I’m still hopeful we will make time to hang out and share our obsessions and random musings.

Her absence means I will now have a completely empty room just waiting for me to attack with decorative fervor. One would think I would have come up with 4 room layouts, multiple color schemes, and mood boards by now. I have not. I have no clue what I’m going to do with the space.

My indecisiveness may have to do with the fact that I am slightly freaking out at the idea of paying my mortgage entirely by myself. That monthly rent money was like my license to live (mildly) lavishly and not think twice about many of my home upgrades.

I think my lifestyle is about to change, and I’m not sure what that means for the decorative state of my apartment. I DO know that it’s probably a good idea to invest in several dozen cans of my favorite soups. Bye Bye eating out.

Now, for a moment, let’s totally forget what I just said, and imagine how fabulous this daybed would be in the room?

Which of course would need a side table and lamp next to it…

And to the other side perhaps a gold-plated bar cart, which I would keep adorned in peacock-themed tablescapes?

And on the adjacent wall, why not Pair this industrial-style console cabinet

…With this detailed Mirror. Love that they are both distressed, but one is ornate and one is industrial. L-o-v-e It.

In the corner, I’ll need a little seat. Danish and caned, yum..

Lets not forget the floor. First the rug.

And a pouf for mediation, or extra friends, or Bailey.

A vintage basketweave swag chandelier will add a lovely glow to the space.

A shimmery, light, pretty curtain will shelter me from leering strangers.

And for above the daybed, my favorite dear busts. Yes I’ve talked about them before, and I probably will again. Get over it. They are smashing.

There we go, instant guest room! (and by “instant” I mean 2 hours wasted when I should be designing billable hours. ooops.)
Realistically this room is WAY out of budget and too many objects to fit in the small room. But who wants reality any way? It’s Monday, and I like my design-daydreaming just fine.

  1. Well, I think you’ve got a yummy room going on there. That industrial console is AMAZING!

  2. Thanks, Meg. What can I say, I got the peacock fever, and I don’t think my temperature’s going down any time soon!

  3. Megan

    “And to the other side perhaps a gold-plated bar cart, which I would keep adorned in peacock-themed tablescapes?” LOL! GENIUS!

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