birthday wish list

It’s my birthday week.  I am NOT a birthday person.  This year, is particularly hard as the house renovations have me totally tweaked out to the point that I barely feel human right now.  I thought it might make me feel a little better to devote the rest of this week to things that make me happy.  So today I have compiled an imaginary birthday wish list.  Just a few self-indulgent items that make me twinkle for a few bright moments.
In no particular order…

1.  These pillows by Madeline Weinrib, because I can never, ever have enough pillows.

And I love these two combined together- the crisp black and white chevron against the colorful embroidered Suzani.  While I enjoy the designer pillows, and would surely appreciate the quality, I’d also happily settle for discounted fabrics like this and this sewn into new covers for my existing cushions.

2.  Photography classes and a great camera to help me capture moments of beauty.

wish I could capture Philadelphia the same way Scott Frederick does…

3.  Three Moroccan lanterns to go over my dining table.   A mixture of spheres or shapely pendants would suit me nicely.  It works triple time- Romantic lighting for dining, Bouncing Reflecting beams for our dance parties, and pretty pierced metal for every hour of the day.

4.  A really good book that I am unable to put down.

5. A week in St Thomas with my hunny and some good friends.

6. A bubble Bath

I don’t care for Christina Aguilera, but I do dig her bathroom.

7.  A new bag.  Something lovely and designer, that makes me feel like a million bucks.

8.  My chairs.  My dear Marais A / Tolix chairs.  I’d sure love 6 of them….
I’ve tried to forget about them, but NKP keeps posting images that leave me lusting…
 Stop taunting me, Girl!
 9.  Tori Burch’s modern moccasins.  And the ability to walk in them without being in Pain.

10.  Cocktail Rings that I adore and remember to wear.

via shop found studio
11.  Wisteria’s Peacock Mirror.  Because every time I see it I gasp with delight…
 This one actually IS an antique!
12. A few shopping sessions with a personal stylist.  In general clothing and acessories leave me dumbfounded.  I’d love some help better matching my personal look to my interior aesthetic.  These would be nice…. (note they include my bags mentioned above!)
13. Cooking Classes.  As I want lots of tasty dinner parties in our new home.
14.  A headboard.  Because I do not have one, and I wont feel like a proper adult until I do.
 But I would settle for anything that is wood and carved with an antiqued feel.
 like this.
15.  A Really Good Mix Tape.  That I can dance to all by myself. 
16.  This Uzbekistan embroidered silk suzani tapestry.  I enjoy the tree of life.  Could be a nice throw over a sofa, or at the end of a bed.
17.  Flowers.  Bi-Monthly.  Delivered by My Boyfriend, with a Kiss.

…. So there we have it- a slightly outrageous birthday wish list.   Do I feel better?  Not really.  But it was fun to play anyway.
  1. Erica

    Hey Doll! Happy Birthday… now you have to fess up about when it is! I wish for you that you find the time to do something lovely for yourself. Also, thanks for the lovely comments you left me. They made me smile. xo
    I hope you get at least one thing from the list!

  2. thanks, Erica! It is Saturday. And I’m not expecting any of these things. Though flowers and the kiss would be nice :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Oh, those chairs! and Oh! a bathtub right by the fireplace! What could be better?

  4. Girlfriend,

    You have excellent taste in, well, everything.

    Hope you receive at least half of this list!



  5. love your list! hang in there with the renovation and have a happy happy birthday! hopefully you’ll enjoy some flowers or at least a good book :)

  6. Raina, when you told me I had good taste in everything I literally skipped in a circle, because I know you wouldn’t bullshit me. Thanks for making my Hump Day!

  7. Happy birthday week, lady! I hope you at least one of your wishes is granted. I’m voting for the St Thomas trip :)

  8. sherri

    happy early birthday, what a fantastic list. those “moccasins” look worth starting to wear heels again for. thanks for swingin’ by the claw. I dig your blog!

  9. nkp

    What an excellent list! That Wisteria mirror has been haunting my dreams as well. Everytime I get a new catalog I flip through to make sure it’s still in there. Not that I have any plans to get it, but, you know, just in case.;0)
    (I have another one in today’s post for you to add to your collection)

    I hope all of your birthday wishes come to fruition Naomi! Happiest wishes for a wonderful day of celebrating you!


  10. Miss you Nay! Happy early birthday. When can I come down and see the new place?

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