Before & After: Project Modern Organic Bathroom

Today I’m excited to share a bathroom renovation by my father and I that I LOVE.  I’ve posted some peeks during the process, but now you guys get the real deal.  This was a repeat client (our favorite!) as we previously designed and remodeled their kitchen.  We love when clients come back to us with new projects because A) it means we did a good job the first time and B) I already have a sense of their style and personality so it makes the project so much easier.

My client is really fun.  She gravitated towards a more modern aesthetic, but also wanted the space to be warm and comfortable.  She wasn’t afraid to take a few risks which is always a thrill for me.  Pushing your comfort zone always creates the best results.  When I walked into the finished bathroom I was just floored.  The guys transformed the space into something beautiful (and functional!)  Most importantly, my clients love it.  Score one for the home team.

gray stain linen cabinet antique mirrored doors design manifest

An antique-mirrored linen cabinet provides plenty of storage, including two hampers.

BEFORE:  When we came into the picture the bathroom was divided into two rooms, with the main bathroom in the back and a carpeted vanity area in the front.  The room had some weird angles that made the layout feel crowded.    The shower was dark and cave-like and storage was an issue as well.

panorama original floor plan

THE LAYOUT: We decided to make the whole space the bathroom.  That made for a larger, even weirder shaped room, but somehow it worked out.  We placed the double sinks along the entrance way.  I like that they are the first thing you see when you enter.  Also, I always like mirrors across from windows to brighten rooms.

The shower stayed in the same location, but got much bigger.  We removed the tub since it wasn’t necessary and built a new vanity/make up area which is also near a window.  Natural lighting is the best for primping!  And the old location of the sink was turned into the full height linen cabinet you see above.  I think it fills that angle perfectly and the mirrored doors reflect even more light, making the space feel brighter and larger.

panorama floor plan

BEFORE:  Looking from the bedroom.  This was the vanity area with the bathroom in the background.  The doorway on the left leads to the master closet.

panorama before 3

AFTER: From same angle, the bathroom goes from cramped to feeling huge.

gray bathroom wood tile floor design manifest 550

THE SINK: Instead of your typical double sink setup, we decided to do one large trough sink that easily accommodates two users.  The sink and countertop are one piece and made from a concrete composite.  It was made by Sonoma Cast Stone and we were happy with the quality and looks.  It’s so seamless and chic!

sink detail concrete ramp sink

THE CABINETRY: I designed all of the cabinetry and it was custom made by Christiana Cabinetry.  For a modern look we went with slab style drawers in a gray stain.  This is different than a paint, as some of the wood grain shows through.  It’s subtle, warm and pretty.  With plain fronts, hardware is even more important.  These pulls make me happy.

gray stain modern vanity design manifest

BEFORE: Here is the old shower and slant wall.  the shower was just terrible.  My client couldn’t wait to get rid of it!

panorama before 1

AFTER: The shower is a little better right?  Big, bright and inviting!  We did two shower heads, including the rain head you can see from this angle.


TILE DETAILS: If you are eyeing up that wood floor, you should know it’s actually tile.  Everyone is surprised to learn that it looks that good in person!  The trick with a good wood-look porcelain is choosing one with good color depth, but mostly its all in the install.  We did a stagger layout repeating every 5 tiles or so.  It makes it look more authentic.


For the shower we did a pebble tile to contrast the “wood” and continue the organic theme.  The large shower niche on the left wall stores tons of products while not being visible from the entrance.  I love a hand shower for a second shower head.  It’s useful for both showering and cleaning.

mirrored door detail-modern-pulls-antique-mirror

STORAGE: The linen cabinet is a big tall piece. I was concerned about it feeling too heavy in the room, so we added antique mirror to the top doors.  I enjoy the contrast of the antique mirror against the modern doors and hardware.  There are two pull out hampers concealed in this piece as well.

mirrored linen cabinet design manifest

I love the little foot detail on the linen cabinet!  This is one of my signatures.  I just think its a small little touch that makes a piece more custom and finished.

VANITY AREA: For a little contrast, we gave the make-up area a rich wood countertop with “waterfall edges” wrapping down the sides of the cabinets.  This piece was also made by Christiana Cabinetry.


BEFORE: A wall divided the space between the bathroom and vanity area.  The vanity area also used to be open to the bedroom.

panorama before 2

AFTER: Open, bright and pretty.  I like that we did the framed mirror with side lights.  The extra framing detail defines the sconces nicely.

modern gray stain vanity design manifest

ACCESSORIES: I was really happy that my client asked me to help with all aspects of the bathroom design, including lighting, textiles, window treatments and even art.  All of these details are just as important as tile and fixtures and help complete a space.

gray stain vanity straight on

And that is one more for the record books!  I’m just so happy that we have awesome clients that trust us to design and build spaces for them.  I hope you enjoyed Project Modern Organic too!


Cabinetry: Christiana Cabinetry

Countertop/Sink: Sonoma Cast Stone

Fixtures: Grohe

Rug: West Elm (Sink) and Macy’s (bathmat)

Towels: Serena & Lily

Art: Cozamia

Please note that as a courtesy to our clients, we do not reveal all sources.  

We are available for hire if you would like help designing your own space.


  1. I was looking for fresh ideas about my bathroom so I found your article. I can say that impressed of the black waterfall counter and antique mirrors. Thank you for your help!!!

  2. Thank Naomi … I got your site at the correct time as I am going to renovate my bathroom soon. Loved the idea of Modern Organic Bathroom. The information is really helpful, thanks for reaching out and sharing this with us.

  3. Elisa

    Such a drastic transformation. Your clients must be over the moon! I know I would be with a shower like that!

  4. Carol

    Sigh! This just amazes me how you can re-imagine a space with so much more flow, storage, space and beauty. I want to live in this bathroom!

  5. It’s amazing and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Design Manifest. Love all of the cabinetry and of course the Cozamia art!

  6. Susan

    Gorgeous! I have total bathroom envy! Beautiful work!

  7. Fiona

    SO lovely. I know you might not be able to say, but could you share the gray stain? I want to do a gray wood counter and that color is amazing. I’ve also been encouraging my dad in Florida to use wood-look tiles, and this might convince him!

  8. It looks stunning, Naomi. Love the linen cabinet with the antique mirrors and what a storage dream! Your clients must be thrilled with the way it turned out…fabulous!!

  9. Mel Gellman

    It is an absolute pleasure working with a Designer and installer that can create beauty where ther was none.

  10. Super duper job!!! Fantastic use of (what appears to be) original plumbing locations which I assume saves a ton of dough. Here’s a weird question. How do people deal with the change from a private toilet area to out in the open? In theory I don’t really mind the toilet just being right there in the middle of everything, but after having the private option just wonder if it is too big of a leap/change? Do people regret it or just roll with it?

    Such an odd Q I know, but I know y’all deal with a lot of bathroom redos so I assume it’s come up?

    • Naomi

      Hey Lauren,
      The toilet was never privatized. It was open in the previous bath as well. (You are seeing it against the entrance wall in the before shot.) We discussed it as an option and they decided it wasn’t a priority to them. It’s not like its open to the bedroom. Plus moving the toilet (which would have been necessary to create its own private room) is the most expensive fixture to move i the bathroom.

      • Good info, thanks Naomi! I want to reno our bathroom in a few years and I just can’t seem to figure out how to keep it private and achieve the changes I want. We’ll just have to adjust I guess. Sheesh, there’s still a door…surely we’ll get over it.

  11. Nikki W

    Stunning. And yes, repeat clients are the best. Especially love that curved top on the shower door and the floor tiles. Massive transformation here lady, as always.

  12. GIRL! This is deluxe! I love all the special finishing details, but especially the black waterfall counter and antique mirrors.. super duper chic.

    Home run!

  13. Wow is that ever pretty! The vanity is exactly what I would put in my own dream bathroom. Nice job!

  14. Yasmine

    This is such a STUNNING renovation! I would feel like I’m in a spa, if I ever stepped inside! =))) amazing work as always, you rockstar!

  15. Gabriele

    Super, Super!!!!

  16. Nuha

    This looks like a completely different room! I love the way it turned out. Especially the wood floors – they’re perfect! Oh, and I’m a sucker for anything with antique mirrors. Gorgeous!

  17. This transformation is astonishingly good! I could never go with out my tub, but I know many people don’t take baths, so I think it makes sense space wise to eliminate it. I love the whole thing!

  18. Doreen

    You do beautiful work!

  19. Mary

    This makes me want to move to Philadelphia , buy a fixer, & have you renovate it. Amazing!

  20. Holly

    Out of this world! It’s got all the space I would ever need. Beautiful work!

  21. Cathy

    Just stunning and so unique! Love all of your touches as well as how you made the most of the space, I am guessing this call will call you ALL of the time now!! Beautiful job!

  22. Kim Macumber

    Naomi … this is jaw dropping beautiful … your client must do a little dance everytime she walks in. I so love a good before and after … and you rocked it!! xo

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