Before & After: A DM Kitchen Remodel

Mornin’ friends!  I have another Design Manifest kitchen before and after project to share with you today.  This kitchen project could also be called the tale of the big, bad bearing wall.  The original kitchen was divided into two spaces; the front kitchen had narrow storage, a kitchen table and wall oven, while the back kitchen had the refrigerator, sink and cooktop.  Standing in between the spaces?  A very thick bearing wall. 

All of the activity was crowded into back section of the kitchen.  There wasn’t enough prep space or storage.  Meanwhile, the front part of the kitchen was dark, sad, and underused.  The table was too big for the room and made a small space feel even smaller.

We brought in our architect, Gary Bogossian, and determined that we could remove the big, bad wall and replace it with a support beam.  Suddenly a world of possibilities opened up in this kitchen.  The floor plan took a little finessing to create an open concept that worked well for the family. 

We moved lots of walls and built new stairs down into the family room.  The old family room was never used and felt very separate from the kitchen.  In the new plan, it’s all one open space, and now houses the family’s kitchen table.

Now with the walls gone, the kitchen is so much brighter and happier.  My client never believed she had enough room for her dream island, but we made it happen.  The new kitchen, is functional, updated, and truly a great gathering space.

One detail that I like is that we ran crown moulding around the whole kitchen to create a finished look.  The front section has a standard ceiling (8’) and the back section has a vaulted ceiling, but the crown makes it all feel cohesive.  We also did subway tile all the way up the wall for a clean, crisp look.  This area feels so much brighter now!

The X-frame ends to the island are another favorite element for me.  Just a simple detail we added on that takes the island from run of the mill to custom.

I really enjoyed working with these clients on all aspects of the kitchen design, but my favorite part was creating the new space plan.  I’m really glad my clients’ “went for it” and decided to invest in taking out the bearing wall.  I think a lot of people are afraid to tackle such projects because they think they are prohibitively expensive.   That’s not always the case and often times the transformation is worth the cost.

I often suggest people look at their kitchens as an investment.  What will the dollar cost translate into value for your home and value for your life?  Taking the wall out was a cost item for sure, but the new kitchen they got in return improves their lives SO much more plus has made their home MUCH more attractive for resale.

I love projects with difficult challenges like this kitchen!  Do you have a project that my father and I could transform?

  1. Beautiful job. The X is an awesome touch.

  2. Wow! What an incredible job!

  3. Wow this is quite a transformation. You have a serious ability to visualize a space. And here you are in the post above asking yourself if you’re good enough to rub elbows with those designers! Look at this, of course you are!

  4. There will be even the particular pullout apply type that’s a lot more like a replacement on the spray wand. A new bar sink tap usually are nice improvement for the looks on the sink section if you would like accomplish a new “bar look” to your kitchen.

    All the materials and also designs utilized in the modern sinks cause them to become give the toilet a fabulous look. Faucets could possibly be fixed in the counter best or the particular wall.

  5. I know I’m a broken record here, but you’re just that good — this is so beautiful! Amazing transformation.

  6. Meghan

    What what whaaaattt? It looks like a totally different kitchen! My jaw is literally hanging wide open! You guys have done an absolutely amazing job, it’s my dream kitchen!

  7. I LOVE the X detail…it has been a favorite of mine for a while! Beautiful bright kitchen….good idea to bring in the architect for making the space so much more functional.

  8. How odd. You really gave them something functional. Love the detailing of the island. Feels way more open and light and airy and all that good stuff.

  9. WOWZERS!!!!!!!! That is ridiculously great work! You should be proud of yourself, BIG TIME! The “X Ends” and the full height subway backsplash are my two favorite elements. I bet this kitchen will be all over Pintrest! Congrats!

  10. OMG Gorgeous!! I seriously can’t believe that’s the same space. You guys are miracle workers!!

  11. Can’t believe that’s the SAME kitchen!!! It is awesome! I love love love the x detail! I also love the pendant, I have a girlfriend looking for a pendant for her kitchen,. This would be perfect! Can you share where you got it or who makes it?

  12. OMG! I am so impressed! You guys do incredible work. This kitchen look 1000% better. Job well done, girl!

  13. What a FANTASTIC transformation! Loving the X on the island and the paint color! Great job 😀

  14. Ashley

    No way is this the same place! Your clients must be over the moon with their fab new kitchen.

  15. Beautiful! I bet they still can’t believe it’s their kitchen. The X on the island is my favorite.

  16. Erin

    Are you sure that’s the same house?! That is AMAZING.

    Although I now want to tear out a bunch of walls in our house… oh, and tear out the kitchen soffit, vault the ceiling, and add a skylight. Easy peasy, right?

  17. It’s amazing!! I love it!

  18. Nancy

    This is a fantastic kitchen transformation! I love the white with red accents, the moulding, the island, the crisp neat look of it all…GREAT JOB!

  19. Gorgeous kitchen – I have a whole house to be transformed! 🙂

  20. Jessie

    Naomi, this kitchen is bad ass. You are one talented lady.

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