because my love won’t die

One word- TOLIX- and I melt like buttah.  I find the original gunmetal versions to be perfection, but these colored ones are quite charming in their own way.    How do you prefer your tolix, colorful or original?
Happy Weekend Peeps!
I promise to be a better blogger next week.
I may even be giving a sneak peek of a project…
  1. nkp

    Pretty great sporting any color, or not. I think I’m partial to that racy red in the cafe. Hot.

  2. Karena

    Naomi I am in love with the yellow!! These are a dream!


    Art by Karena

  3. Kat

    We have the tolix stool knockoff ones from Overstock in black and white. Love ’em! But the real deal yellow are sweet too.

  4. Love them too- my favourite goes back and forth but for today, I’m loving the chippy white ones.

  5. This post does these beauties in all their colors great justice….so pretty!

  6. So many choices, you definitely cannot go wrong!

  7. I like ’em classic… gunmetal or copper please… possibly white antiqued too! Happy Weekend!

  8. I like the original, but I also love me some color so now I’m torn. A few of each?

  9. I like the color ones — maybe because it’s a contemporary take on a vintage-y chair?

  10. Absolutely love these chairs…in all their many phases of glory (c: I definitely love them as a bright pop of color…and you can go as bright as you want (c:

  11. Linny

    Colors or original, I love them all!

  12. Lisa

    Love all of these. I have the Overstock knock-off barstools in gray. $90 for 2.

  13. I don’t want to love them anymore because they are everywhere….but I can’t help myself. They are like bread and butta…..I will always love.

  14. i share you love for tolix! i’m obsessed actually!
    xx ~ ks

  15. Yes I definitely need me some Tolix in my life… Gorgeous design. ELL x

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