bare beauty

So while I would consider myself to have modern styling inclanations, I still tend to be of the “more is more” design philsophy.  More color, More pillows, More pattern, More stuff.  Let’s just skip the ruffles and florals, pretty please.

But this room, by Jamie Bush, is making my heart sing a different tune.  Even though I only spy three pillows, one pattern and virtually no color.  The lack of “stuff” in here is made up for with great texture (stone fireplace, concrete wall, fluffy rug I could do headstand on) interesting shapes (Chair crush alert!) and one tantalizing set of stairs.

Yup, I love me some open stairs.  The more of a death trap, the better.

On another note- I have an arc lamp like this.  I bought it in Montreal while slightly tanked.  Drunk furniture shopping = never a good idea.  I think its slightly too large for my living room, but I’m trying to make it work.  I’ll be posting another living room update in the next few weeks!

  1. I want to go drunk shopping with you… at least you buy good stuff.

  2. nkp

    I’m of the more is more camp as well, and this one satisfies all of those tendencies despite it’s lack of over the top color and accessorizing. This is amazing!!!

  3. Loft32

    Must give you a huge smooch for posting this! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LIVING SPACE! I’ll take one to-go please!

  4. sherri

    good luck on the bid for that job (last post) – sounds like a great opportunity!

    and I’m with ya, i love me some open stairs. what is up with the texture of the wall on the outside of the stairs (where the killer door is?). whatever is going on, i’m loving it.

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