Ask The Expert- Fixing a Curved, Bumpy Wall

Happy Friday All!  First off, just want to mention that I’m guest posting over at Designstiles, sharing my imaginary South American Dream House.  Come over and vacation with me!

Today is our first segment of Ask the Expert and reader “K” provided us with an interesting one:

The Question- “I have two entry closets in my foyer.  I love that they are rounded but not the fact that they are covered in a pointy (painfully sharp)stucco-like coating.  My husband has tried to sand a small patch to see if we could remove the coating and paint over it.  The results were not pretty. SO…is there some type of paneling (I love raised wainscoting) that can be EASILY (we are not pros) molded to the curve of the wall? What other options/ suggestions does the expert have?  Some have suggested just ripping down the closets and rebuilding them.  Again, we are not pros, so I can’t imagine recreating the existing curve would be something we could do.”

The Data:

Andrew’s Answer- “Curved raised panel wainscot is lovely!  It is also not an easy project for most carpenters.  I would leave that project to the pros.  How about spackling over the rough surface with a vinyl spackling compound.  Follow the manufacturers recommendations for preparation and application.  Once it dries, sand it smooth, prime and paint.  Good luck.” 

Nothing like a man to keep it short and sweet, right?

Naomi Adds- “If it’s a DIY, I’d go smooth all the way.  Also, how cool would a curved tile wall be?  Just sayin…”

  1. The tile would look great on a curved wall! Great suggestion, I wouldnt know what to do if I had the same situation! I would probably end up leaving it to the pros.


  2. Lindsey

    I’m with Naomi and Erin…tile all the way.

  3. Our wall wasn’t curved but it was super textured. We just had it floated and started over. Again it was a project for pros but so worth the money! I would love to see it tiled something cool though!

  4. Erin

    Curved tile wall! YES.

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