ART ART ART and it’s impact on room design

When I find myself captivated by a pretty space, one of the first things I study is how the art is influencing the room design.  It’s crazy how much art changes the feel of a room.    Yet lots of people leave it as an afterthought when putting together their home.  It’s the cherry on top, it’s the finishing touch.

In my opinion, there is no wrong way to design.  You could start with a sofa, a painting, a fabric, rug,  photograph, whatever.  Art doesn’t have to be driving force, but it IS a strong influence.  Art is great way to contrast, soften, add color, add graphic emphasis.  You can use art to get more serious, or get a little cheeky.   Design for me is always a bit of a balancing game.  Adding a bit more traditional to a modern space,  a little bit of rustic to soften a glamorous one, etc.   A little thing like a picture on a wall can totally sway the vibe of a space.  I love seeing the way the designers below have decorated their walls.  Each room is quite different and the art really influences the personality.

loren taylor symphony house

Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House / Loren Taylor

flower print veranda


parker kennedy for atlanta homes

Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House / Parker Kennedy

Gabriella Palumbo living room

Design Sponge (Gabriella Palumbo)

yellow sofa art on bookshelves house and home

House and Home

mindy kahling ilving room


liz damrich smpl

Liz Damrich via Style Me Pretty

Gabriella Palumbo bedroom

Design Sponge (Gabriella Palumbo)

amber lewis domaine

Amber Interiors / Domaine Home

symphony showhouse'

Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House / Matthews Furniture  & Design

natural wood and black wall no art house and home

House and Home

How bout that last one?  No art at all.  Sometimes bare wall are sexy too.

  1. It’s so interesting – does the decor support the art, or is the art in support of the decor? Such an important question to ponder, such a vital part of the overall tone of a space. Thanks for adding a thoughtful note to my day!

  2. Karen

    I am a color consultant and constantly see no art in so many of the homes I get to colorize! Art is everything. I find that people rely on wall color and don’t even realize art is missing in their life. The masses have come along way in understanding design but art is still lacking. The other thing I notice, if they do have art it’s the wrong size and hung too high or too low. I dislike one little piece floating away in the middle of a large wall. Perhaps HGTV needs a show to teach people the art of art! I really enjoy your blog, thanks for continuing to share!

  3. I love the first shot and the second and the third-haha. Great post! Thanks!! Leslie Sinclair

  4. I totally agree with you – beautiful art can make a space. The first room and art is a favorite! Happy Thursday!

  5. Carol

    I just LOVED this post,Naomi! Beautiful art that is set off by a room’s arrangement is SO special. Your work is always so inspiring and enlivening and I appreciate the gorgeous photos of other’s work, you showcase.

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