another Rast Hack

I’ve been tinkering with my favorite Ikea cabinet again.  I thought the two Rast cabinets fit so nicely into into my TV nook, but the style and color were all wrong.  So I bought a new set.  Crazy?  Maybe, but at $30 a pop, I can afford to get my hack on.
Obviously my version is less ornate than my inspiration cabinet.  I decided I wanted it cleaner with just a hint of decorative brassy bling.  I’m pumped about them in my nook- they are interesting but not over the top.  Plus, the black lacquer is the perfect base for a space that used to seem top-heavy.
Of course my favorite part is the hardware.  The Asian pulls symbolize “long and wealthy life.”  That’s pretty cool plus I think they are stylin’.  And I like how the corner brackets finish off the drawers with an exclamation point!

The Deets:
– 2 Rast cabinets, Ikea
– 1 quart black high gloss paint- I used Valspar Gloss Black
– 6 packets of corner brackets (they come 4/set), Hardware World
– 6 pairs of pulls, Chinese Brass Hardware
(Thanks to Susie for sharing the hardware source with me!)
The Steps:
– prime un-assembled Rast cabinets
– sand
– 1st coat paint
– sand again
– 2nd coat paint
– sand some more (the trick to lacquered pieces is the wood grain should show through as little as possible)
– 3rd coat paint
– assemble cabinets (don’t add drawers)
– add hardware.  I glued my corner brackets instead of screwing them in.  The screws stopped the drawers from closing.
– install Drawers
– Pat yourself on the back.

How I use it now…
A television console


Thanks again for all the love!
As i mentioned in this post…

… my carpenter, Angelo, built me the component topper out of plywood. It’s essentially 5 pieces- a top and bottom, two edges and a middle divider. I painted it and added hardware to match my rasts.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous.
    And ingenious too.
    That makes it even more appealing.
    If it came like that, and was expensive, it wouldn’t be as intriguing.
    But turning a cheap RAST into something that elegant, now that’s something.

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  5. eva

    Did you paint the pulls and brackets too ?

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  7. Kosia

    please what grid (or brand) of sand block/paper did you use to sand the wood?
    Did you not use Poly to seal it at all.?

  8. Heather

    Coming to this post way late but was just wondering if that’s gold foil or gold paint on the bottom, below the drawers? My husband and I are doing this next week. Thanks!

    • Naomi

      I used a gold spray paint!

      • Heather

        Thank you!!

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  11. Jenna Stockton

    Incredible and inspiring work would love to give this a go, however for me I am LOVING the artwork on the wall.. It is simply stunning. I have seen a similar piece before. Please can you advise who it was by or how I can get hold of such? Really hope to hear from you and thanks for sharing.

    • Naomi

      I don’t know much about it as I found it in my grandmothers basement and it is not signed with a full name.

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  13. Kema Stokes

    I’m redoing my dining room in an asian-inspired theme. Your hack is perfect, and what I’ve been looking for to complete the look. Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Gretchen

    Not sure if you’re still checking comments here, but would like to know if the two Rasts are connected in anyway, or just standing next to each other? THANKS!

    • Naomi

      They are not connected, just next to each other.

      • Gretchen

        EXCELLENT, what I was hoping to hear. Thank you–they’re gorgeous.

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  22. Navis

    What did you use to add the top piece when you turned it into a tv console? It looks awesome!

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  26. flippin love this! where is the mini shelf you added to house the dvd from? our prob is that we have severallll gaming consoles – think old school ninento – and i want to find a media center where we can have all of those set up, but neatly hidden behind drawers or cabinets.

  27. Wow that is quitw a makeover! BTW, I think my grandma had that same oil lamp with the statue, where’d you did that up? 😀

  28. Maha A.

    Amazing! How much did you end up spending on this whole project?

  29. Naomi, I see where someone left you a comment on this post in January (just last month) asking you about how you made the top that supports the TV and has the DVR underneath it…THAT is MY QUESTION to you! Today is the first time I have seen your job on these chests and they are HOT!!! I am about to subscribe to your blog. But PLEASE respond and let me know how you did that added top piece in your last update! Many thanks!

    my email is:

    Vickie Hurst

  30. Hi Naomi, these are amazing!!!! They were exactly what we needed in our new master bedroom that’s in progress so I re-did the ones I had before. I posted the results today and gave you the shout out you deserve. Really nice job, and I am a big fan of your blog. Go to mine and take a look;)


  31. mmm

    Can you give a little info on how you made the top shelf able to support your TV?

  32. Roxy Te

    been meaning to tell you– my little rasts have been painted high gloss black and are now awaiting the hardware, the same exaact as yours. ooops.

  33. rebecca

    love this. i am going to try something similar myself! thanks!

  34. OMG – you KILLED it! Can’t even tell you how impressed I am, and will most likely try to emulate 😉

  35. No kidding I when I first saw this pic I hadnt read anything. I saw them and thought those are so nice I bet I could make something similar out of ikea rast chests. And…..then I read that they are. Awesome job! very impressive. They are a far cry from their original state!

  36. They are gorgeous! I’m swooning – absolutely fantastic. I’m so inspired – I gotta go… off to Ikea!

  37. Lily

    Those look amazing…really love the two together. And never would have guessed they were ikea !


  38. aLena

    Thank you so so so so much 😉 I’ve been looking for almost the exact hardware for a while and haven’t been able to find a good source! I’m redoing my bathroom vanities in a similar style and can’t wait to order the hardware!

    Your project turned out Beautiful, thanks for the wonderful inspirations!!!

  39. this transformation is unbelieveable! i have walked by that dresser a million times thinking there has to be something i can do with that….well, you’ve inspired me! thank you.

  40. Hi Naomi! I loved this hack so much, and I hope you don’t mind, I am featuring it on my blog today 🙂 keep up the fabulous work!!
    Nancy xo

  41. that is a great hackster. ..seriously LOVE this SO much.

  42. Amazing! I love a good Rast hack. I am going to have to add it to my Rask hack file {since I made one myself, not quite as fab as yours though}

  43. Hey girl…just wanted to tell you that I am featuring your dresser on my bloggy today in a post about the rad things in the blogosphere this week…hope that is okay! (c: Happy Weekend!

  44. Speech….less! You rocked those dressers….I expect to see this hack all over the dang place 🙂

  45. You never cease to amaze, my friend…this is pretty epic. My math would go something like this:

    Black laquer + gorgeous gold asian inspired hardware = ADORATION & AWE

    And perhaps some hacking of my own (c: I’m still jaw-agape about how different the corner hardware makes that thing look. Bravo my dear, it’s a homerun! (c: Can’t wait to see them all styled up in the nook! Happy FRIDAY!

  46. anita

    hack nothing! these are works of art!!
    you, my friend, are rockin’ it.

  47. Rosie

    Wow…utterly fabulous!

  48. Whoa!! These are amazing!! Good job. You inspire us all 🙂

  49. Wow this turned out amazing! I had to do a double take to make sure it was the ikea piece and not the inspiration. I am going to have to feature this tomorrow on my Friday Favorites.

  50. Wow… love me a rast hack including my own, but this is awesome. And yes it is all about the hardware. I’m contemplating some brass lion head pulls and this is making the decision for me.

  51. Okay now that, my friend, is a most impressive hack!

    Cheers, Alcira

  52. HOLY SMOKES!!! This is no doubt the best hack I’ve seen with these, you’re my hero.
    I have to checkout that site for the hardware, I couldn’t find corner pieces like that anywhere!

  53. You totally nailed this one, Naomi! Love, love, love… can’t wait to see them in the nook. 🙂

  54. I have a little good luck to send your way….something that you might like! Drop me your e-mail.
    pve at pve design dot com.

  55. Wow, after you left your comment on my blog I had to come over and see your piece. My jaw hit the floor! You have skills lady. What a great job. I love the hardware you chose. I saved the hardware website for future projects. Well done!

  56. Belly

    Sexy! I need some black lacquer in my life.


  57. Naomi!!!! My mind is officially blown! I’m so inspired to copy. =)

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous hack ninja skills!

  58. Okay, this is inspired! Yes, you and Bri should start your own biz. Wow. I’m going to send this to my husband who is trying to re-do some chests I got from an online auction (not Rasts but somewhat similar). Loving the hardware!!! Great job, Naomi!!

  59. nkp

    What Jenny said.

    p.s.-I could just hug you right now.

  60. You guys are too sweet!

    Alex- Unfortunately I would NEED to sell them for hundreds considering all the time it took to make them. Sanding and painting is laborious!


    These turned out super duper amazing. Instant internet fame awaits you.

  62. Ok the entire time I was looking at the ones you did I thought they were another less ornate pair you found on the internet. they are unbelievable. I am so so so impressed. Wow. Seriously, you could start a business selling those for hundreds of dollars. This might be the best hack I’ve seen.

  63. WOW! You go girl, those look amazing- and unique. I just did a post about ikea dressers for my budget bathroom vanity and have some pictures of the RAST on there as inspiration, but I haven’t come across anything like yours. Cool hardware too. Thanks for sharing.
    XOXO, Whitney (the cuban in my coffee)

  64. You and Bri are going to write a hack book, right?

  65. Damn these turned out great! The original piece is too ornate for my taste I like your toned down version better.

  66. Kat

    Okay, they look amazing! Can’t wait to see them in your space!

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