Anatomy of a wood hood

I’m designing a kitchen right now where my clients have purchases a huge 60″ industrial range.  Above it we need at equally large range hood.  We’ve decided to build a wood hood to match the white kitchen cabinets.  …Or do we do a gray hood to coordinate with the island? Decisions, decisions.  Irregardless of the color, I need to figure out the best shape and design for the hood.  Five feet of hood can get overbearing quickly and I’m hoping for soft and seamless.  Here are a few wood hoods that have caught my eye recently:

Straight across with side pillars going down to the counter.  Unfortunately we don’t have room for this as we are very limited for counter space on the right side.

Simpson Design Group

This is a look I like; sloping hood with crown detail and slight arch at base.  My client didn’t originally like the sloping look in elevation, but I may need to show her this image again!

This one would be easy for my cabinet maker to build: three panels, crown shelf with curved bottom.  I was originally thinking of a design like this, but I just don’t find it as exciting.

Shapely and tapered.  I think this is a nice look, but my client doesn’t like the corbels.  Plus we have wall cabinets flanking it on either side, so that totally changes up the look.
How about straight across and broken up by a mantel?  Unfortunately we don’t have this much ceiling height, so our hood would be much more stout.
And one last one that I thought was really interesting; a mixture of clean with a touch of ornate.

Dan Carithers/ Traditional Home

I’m off to work on the hood designs.  

What style is your favorite?  Would you consider a wood hood, or do you prefer another type?

  1. I really like the top one, with the stainless backsplash going all the way up, and the cabinets in either side. The hood really disappears!

  2. That sloping hood is fabulous! And I love the idea of the accent color! xoxo

  3. I love sloping hoods! I love kitchen design however, for my personal use I require little more than a microwave, toaster oven, and corkscrew…

  4. Jessica

    I’m loving that last one! I haven’t seen much like it before, and I don’t think it seems bulky at all, and I like that there’s a shelf. And maybe that would work best with it sticking out past the 12″ standard upper cabinets.

  5. I like the 5th one most because it’s the simplest and least bulky. I’m a fan of stainless steel hoods, I like a slightly industrial look for kitchens.

  6. two and four get my vote. The word elevation got me excited. Elevations were my favorite in school. Geek status.

  7. For me, it’s hard to say without seeing the kitchen. I’m such a visual person. However, you can’t deny the beauty of the hood in that 2nd image….Although, it might look completely different if there were rows of cabinets vs the singles pictured….Tough call. And a problem I wish I had 🙂

  8. The hood insert is 22″ deep so it will definitely protrude farther than standard 12″ deep wall cabinets. Sigh. Just hoping to make it seem as un-bulky as possible!

  9. Erin

    I think I like the one in the Jessica Helgerson photo, but you’re the expert. What I do know is that it should blend in with the cabinets. I no like the giant hulking hood look.

  10. I had a wood hood in my old house and it was beautiful, got a stone hood for my current house and loving it too…different looks but both stunning.

  11. Wow…that is a lot of detail to consider. Were I considering a hood for my kitchen it would be an insanely outrageous copper or somesuch…but I have no option for a gas stove so this isn’t going to happen (and I’m sure I couldn’t afford an amazing hood anydamnway). Irregardless I really like the tapered one, LOVE the corbels but it would still be sharp without them. With cabinets on either side, would it still protrude or be flush with the cabinets?

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