a touch of blue

I love a little blue in the kitchen.
It can be cheerful, soothing, powerful, or even neutral.
Blue looks great against dark cabinets, or white cabinets, and it makes a lovely accent.
Plus it pairs well with so many colors; green, yellow, purple, gray, brown, white, black, and my current fave orange!
Turquoise is Pantone’s color of 2010, so add a little blue to your space!
I’ll show you how….

My favorite way is a blue island. An island is a great way to add a bit of color to your kitchen without committing to the whole space.

Love this blue island mixed with white cabinets and open shelving. It feels neutral, but the color adds a little fun to the space! Pic via Urban Grace Interiors.

Another white kitchen with a beachy blue-green island. Classy and colorful. Kitchen designed by Shelley Gordon, via House of Turquoise.

A bold blue island looks great against a brass hardware and a Mexican terra cotta tile floor. Pic via House of Turquoise

Or if you are a little more bold, paint all of your cabinets blue!

This kitchen looks rich and invigorating. The black chandelier over the island punches up the space. Pic via Domino Mag.

This light blue kitchen looks great against the dark wood floors. This is a good example as blue as a neutral. Kitchen designed by Linda Banks.

A blue-gray kitchen adds a little color to this space without being over the top. Kitchen designed by Phoebe Howard.

This kitchen is the opposite of neutral, with bold turquoise cabinets and walls. Rich, classy and saturated… I love it! Kitchen designed by Thomas Britt and Peter Napolitano via House of Turquoise

This kitchen contrasts a maple island with blue-green perimeter cabinets. Modern country done right! Pic via House of Turquoise

Aqua cabinets liven up this kitchen. Pic via My Sweet Savannah

Another idea I Love– cabinets with glass doors and painted interiors. This gives you just a pop of blue and will really make white china stand out. Pic via Simply Seleta

Not ready to commit to painting your cabinets? Paint your walls instead! It creates a great space and is easier to change down the road.

Dark cabinets, blue walls and orange chairs. See how fun blue and orange are together? Pic via Decorpad.

Another place to add some blue is in the backsplash of your kitchen. The space between your kitchen counters and wall cabinets is typically 18″. That is just enough space to add a bit of color and personality to your kitchen.

Kelsey Grammer’s kitchen has a blue patterned tile backsplash. Pic via Decorpad.

A subway tile is a classic look for a backsplash. This subway has been updated in a cheerful blue hue. Pic via Sunset Magazine.

This kitchen features blue mosaic accent tiles and medallion, as well as a dark blue granite counter which offset the creamy cabinets nicely. Kitchen design by Design Manifest. Yep, that’s me 🙂

Do you like the idea of Blue, but only want it as a small accent? No problem. It’s very easy to accessorize with blue. Small touches can make a big impact.

I love this blue pantry door. Such a nice surprise in this white kitchen. Pic via House of Turquoise

Don’t forget about lighting! This blue light adds a little modern fun to this country kitchen. Pic via Cote de Texas.

I love how this kitchen features blue barstools. (plus a fabulous wood inlay floor!) Kitchen designed by Mrs Limestone.

Open shelving is a great place to display blue accessories. Accessories add so much personality to a space and are easy to change up when the mood strikes you. 

Blue vases add a nice personal touch to this kitchen. Pic via Elle Casa.

An open niche above the refrigerator creates an unexpected display case for blue vases. Pic via Traditional Home Mag

Or be fabulous like designer, Windsor Smith, and paint your whole friggin floor blue! Your probably not brave enough to do it, are you? I’m not!! But I sure do admire it from afar.

  1. Well dang! I just hit on your blog by accident and was admiring some of the kitchens and lo and behold there is one of mine! Thanks for using and giving us credit:) It was from my blog but also is my design. Thanks again, would like to put your link on my site. Like it!! Hope you will do the same!


  2. Wow! I love your focus on colored islands! What a great way o add color to a kitchen and not dominate the space with it. They create a fun place to stop, chat with the cook, help, or eat! Very fun!

  3. I am in love with shades of light blue too! Loving all the kitchen ideas.

  4. Briliant designs at a fever pitch. With each space finding balance through restraint and easy sophistication. I love it and adore you for your brilliant eye. Your post packed a punch my dear and I thrilled I stopped by.
    Warmest regards,

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