a tolix quickie

I realized its been quite a while since I’ve paid homage to my favorite dining chair, the tolix chair.  Now that I have some tulips in my home, it will probably quite awhile until tolix and I cohabitate.  For now, I continue to lust from afar.

Tolix, thanks for being so beautiful.

nuevo estilo

via greige
Christina’s (from greige) dining room
While I have more than enough dining chairs for now, I COULD be tempted to pick up some bar stools for my future kitchen island…

Industry West High Back stool, $155


  1. Leigha

    Yes, yes, yes! My favorite chair – Tolix, hands down. You are a kindred spirit.


  2. I see them everywhere in outdoor cafes here in Austin and I always guiltily hope one of them goes out of business and sells all of their chairs for cheappp so I can grab some for our future outdoor patio!

    Until then, I will drool along with you. I love the color of the chairs in the first photo. Yummy!

  3. LOL, Bromeliad, I think Tolix, or Marais is much easier than “those industrial milk stool looking things that are chairs.”

    Erin- I enjoy them in color, especially red or yellow… just not for my own home

    Lindsey- you are so lucky!

  4. Oh, cool. Now I know what to call them instead of “those industrial milk stool looking things that are chairs.”

  5. LindsB

    I have those chairs and I just love them!

  6. I love those chairs too especially for an outdoor dining. I have a long list of furniture I want. If only money grew on trees.
    Have a great day Naomi!

  7. Ashley

    Do you know what my version of heaven looks like? A room filled with my favorite chairs…and you know the Tolix chair would be included in that room!

  8. So pretty, but would I have this overwhelming urge to paint them — sacrilege or sacrilicious?

  9. I have a long list of things I am waiting/wanting to add to my house.. sigh..I feel your pain!

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