a thrifty weeked

TGIF my dears!  What are your weekend plans?  I’m hoping to battle the snow and hit up lots of vintage furniture shops.  I’m thinking it’s about time to fill some holes in the furniture scheme.

The list includes:

– A glass coffee table.  I have my eye on one fine vintage piece, but it’s a little over my budget.  So I’m hoping to find a similar yet cheaper alternative.  If I have no luck this weekend I may suck it up and buy what I want.

– A settee, or french arm chairs.  I can’t decide.  But I have 4′ or so to fill to I need something small and dainty to balance out a few other modern pieces I have.

– A sofa table.  This is newly added to my want list.  I had toyed with the idea for awhile, now that my sofa is floating in my living room.  But once I saw Nicole‘s set up, I knew this is what I needed.

Glossy parsons console helps define the space….
Have you seen Nicole’s (of Sketch 42) apartment in the new issue of Rue Magazine?
Balls to the walls this girl is good.  Check it out.  Now.
I may have purchased myself a piece her art for my impending 30th birthday.
Shh it’s a surprise.
OK, not really.
If it looks half as good as this, I’ll count myself as a lucky girl.
Wish me luck in my shopping endeavors!
  1. I’ve been trying to find a reasonably priced glass coffee table… have you been able to find any good ones online? I’m fresh out of websites to search! (I’m in Nashville if you have any tips!) Thanks!

  2. I love her pair of silver lamps, too.

  3. That would be the perfect weekend!!! I love when I am really searching for something….I am like a dog with a bone 🙂 I love Nicole’s art…Might have to “get me some” one day!!!

  4. My favorite way to spend a weekend! Good luck and make sure to share!

  5. k. ryan

    good luck searching for everything & do post pics of what you find!!

  6. Aw!!! Thanks for the shout out! Im working hard on it! I hope its as good as that piece too…. Seriously thats one of my favorites.

    Also- That sofa table is really old! Its actually formica! My MIL bought it a while ago and it made the rounds, spending time in my hubs first apartment out of college and its been sitting in storage in her basement for the past 7 years!

    Im a design scavenger!

  7. LindsB

    I cant wait to see your new art- its going to be beautiful!

  8. Ashley

    Fingers crossed that you finds some awesome stuff…where ya headed?

  9. Sounds like my kinda weekend! Good luck!

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