A Thanksgiving Day table- Naomi Style

Thanksgiving is upon us, friends!  I happen to love the holiday, mainly because it involves a lot of food and not a lot of work on my end.  Someday I want to host myself, but until then I’ll continue to crash my parents’ house and attempt to set a fierce table.

When Meg from Philadelphia citypaper asked me to design an attention-getting Thanksgiving table, I was all too eager to show how to do Turkey Day hip and eclectic.  To see more details and my thoughts on table settings please check out the post on the citypaper blog.  You can also see what other design enthusiasts, including Ashley from Meet Me in Philadelphia, came up with!

Hot Dayum I love my pagoda.

all pictures- Design Manifest

  1. anita

    I love those beautiful glasses!
    …and the plates.

    (and when did you do your new header and profile picture? Very nice!!!)

  2. Erin

    Those plates (and your entire setting) just knocked my socks clear off!

  3. Thanks guys!
    @Laura- the table cloth is actually orange! (As are the plates.)

  4. Brandi

    I love your pagoda too! It’s awesome how you put your own style into a what is normally such a traditional holiday. We are hosting a holiday bash in a few weeks so I need to start thinking about my spread asap!

  5. So pretty–I especially love, love, love the way the polka dotted tablecloth takes the edge off the formality in favor of some quirk and fun!


  6. Stunning Nay Nay. Totally hip and cool. This is so you. Love those plates.

  7. I never would have thought of a pagoda and polka dots together…but they are FABULOUS…and the little touches of gold are so great! Definitely fun and eclectic…When should I be over for dinner? You’re cooking, right?!? hehehe…

  8. Viviana

    Gorgeous table setting!

  9. That is one HIP table Naomi! I’m thankful there’s not a fall leaf in site.

  10. Love that you injected your favorite pagoda and gold vase into the mix! You knocked it out of the park. We’re eating out this Thanksgiving, and I’m going to miss doing the table. I’ll live vicariously through you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  11. I love the rich colors! And the little touches of coral..very beautiful!

  12. Naomi, that table is HAWT! Love all the brass. Tell me those chargers are from Target @ $1 a pop. I need to buy me some before they sell out!

  13. I would not expect anything else from you! Of course love all the vintage.

  14. Wow, what a gorgeous table! I love the palette and the gold!!
    Nancy xo

  15. Ashley

    Damn, lady, your table looks great! Have a great Thanksgiving and hope to see you post-holiday for a little shopping!

  16. Hello Naomi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)
    I’m loving your blog!
    Amazing table you created.
    Looking forward to coming to your happy place often!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  17. Fabulous style! Love the table cloth with the other elements. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  18. Wa ha ho…..love this table…those plates…the tablecloth…smack down!

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