A Ruthie Sommers tablescape

I never tire of seeing how other designers style a tabletop.  It’s one of those spaces that honestly usually doesn’t have a purpose- decorating fluff- yet still somehow, it can make such a big style impact in a room.  This vignette in Ruthie Sommers home, featured in Lonny Magazine, really knocks my socks off.  Oh wait, it’s summer… it makes my tangerine toenails tingle.

Let’s break this down.  3 ingredients to a delicious tablescape.*

Part 1: the table itself.  Clean lines, greek key detailing, marble top.  Nice on it’s own, but doesn’t distract from the styling action above and below.

Part 2:  The under carriage.  A single bench with fringe trim.  Who knew I liked fringe?  (Erin, you so called this.) 
Part 3; the best part: Tabletop composition.  I really like how she has effortlessly mixed a big pagoda with blue/white porcelain, barware and lush plants (all doubled by a mirror.)  All you orchid-haters take note: if Ruthie Sommers’ has ’em in her house, they can’t be too evil, can they?
actually that one terracotta pot is pissing me off.  
I’ve had a hard time pin-pointing just why I love this little nook so much.  Is it the varying height, shapes and colors?  Is it because it doesn’t seem so contrived, like so many tablescapes?  (Her whole home feels very lived-in and real.) Is it that pagoda?  Not sure, but I’m crushing.
Was this one a hit for you guys?  I usually don’t do Lonny coverage because you can find it on so many blogs, but I felt moved.  Yup, I’m moved be a tablescape. 
*Damn you Martyn Lawrence Bullard and your catchy catch phrases

PS- If you want a pagoda, Lonny suggests you buy this one.  I personally am waiting until someone constructs a brilliant pagoda dog bed for Bailey, and then I’m full steam onboard.

All photos Patrick Cline for Lonny
  1. MFAMB

    i myself have gone back and stared at that room several times. i can’t get it out of my head.
    i think the terra cotta pot keeps it all grounded and earthy and less like a tablescape and more like what you live with. it adds to me…ADDS!!!

  2. Way too much stuff for me but it looks pretty. I’m too lazy and dusting would be a bitch in this tablescape!

  3. i love it more than life. i had every intention of doing a quick speed-through of the mag the other night, but literally couldn’t get past this feature. it’s perfect – for the reasons you already said. the layering and lived-in feel are sooo right up my alley. a home shouldn’t look staged, if you ask me. every single piece is unique on its own, and they live together so well! loved it.

  4. I want fringe! I decided this fairly recently. It’s like a party at the edge of whatever you decide to put it on. And I love a good party.

    Would you like some party on your throw pillows?

  5. I think I like fringe more and more with every photo I see that includes fringe well done!

    Love how you broke down this tablescape… and I wish I was good enough with plants to have this many in my house! I kill cactus.

  6. I think my favorite part is probably the bench…I’m too OCD for the entire tablescape, but Ruthie’s article was BY FAR my favorite thing in the new Lonny. I was crushing on the whole thing. It’s delicious. (That was just for you and Martyn (c:, I couldn’t resist!)

  7. Unlike so many tablescapes, it looks useable! The bench is extra seating for guests and the surface is partly used as a bar. I love it!!

  8. Ashley

    Wait, so you’re telling me there are people out there that are anti-orchid? Srsly?

    While I don’t know that I could have such a full table like that in my home, I can certainly appreciate Ms. Sommers’ aesthetic.

  9. Definitely the varying heights and the layering — I’ve been studying such accessory styling pics myself, and I’ve noticed I’m drawn to these elements, as well as when the pieces overlap the mirror or art above. I’ve always loved the idea of a bench (or 2 stools) under a console, but I have no room for such deliciousness. Are you looking at a certain space in your loft?

  10. I adore orchids so not sure why one wouldn’t? But I feel like the space is to much for me…colors are fabulous!

  11. Erin

    Yay fringe! And yay you for breaking down the whole tablescape thing… it’s very mystifying to me. I have circumvented the problem by leaving my tables almost entirely blank.

  12. I love the table and the bench and can’t imagine how anyone could ever hate an orchid- they’re divine if you ask me…agree about the terracotta pot though. All in all, I think it’s lovely…I could have done with a few less plants though.

  13. Love the table but the composition is too busy for me… I’d have to lose a few things. It’d be hard to choose what would go, though, because it’s lots of lovelies. 🙂

  14. anita

    love: bench, pagoda, bamboo handled ice bucket, the table with greek key, and the orchids!

    don’t love (i.e. pisses me off): terracotta pot, pillar in corner with branches, lamp in front of bar cart, and is that a bottle of Malibu on the table??? Yuk.
    (OK – maybe I’m a bit biased about the Malibu — bad bad night long ago~!)


  15. Love everything about it, I think its the way it draws you in and of course the blue and white adds so much to the arrangement.

  16. I like this in theory, but its a little bit too overwhelming for me. I think its the branches everywhere.

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