a reminder that IKEA can lead you to awesome

Honesty Time:  This week blows.  My computer crashed.  I lost all my software.  I’m bogged down by work.  I have no inspiration to finish my apartment decoration.  And even less to sparkle for you guys.  I’m sorry.  And you bet your bottom dollar I’m counting the minutes until Friday evening.  I have no doubt I’ll kick next week’s ass.  But This week is kicking mine.

One bright spot?  Bri‘s amazing greek key Ikea Hack.  Can you believe what girl friend did?

She took the same Ikea Rast cabinet that I used to make over my nightstand back in October, and transformed it into an even more amazing piece.  Jealous! 

I want one, and I want one now!
Bri’s blog, Me you and a wiener, is not only hilarious, but filled with lots of good DIY’s.  One of my most favorite new blogs I’ve discovered recently.  Go check her out!  And if you want to learn more about the makeover, check this post and this post.
BRI,  dear, thank you for inspiring, because I sure can’t right now!!
all pics from Bri’s blog
  1. Oh my…I saw that somewhere else and I was so impressed!!! She did an awesome job!

  2. We all have those weeks! Candidly, February was just one of those months … and last week capped it off with everyone in the house sick (strep, double ear infection, pinkeye – you name it, we had it). Here’s hoping March will rally the troops! 😉

  3. Holy Smokes. What a transformation. She certainly made it look like a piece that cost a lot of dough. Great color combo.

  4. Oh wow, this is amazing!! Gorgeous. I just did a post yesterday about makeovers..and one was the IKEA dresser. It’s a blank canvas just waiting to be created into a beautiful masterpiece.

    Naomi, I hope you have a fun, easy going weekend…much needed after a stressful week 🙂

  5. nkp



    If I weren’t so busy (read:lazy) I would totally attempt this. And, in all likelihood, fail.

    Man, this is good. Thanks for the introduction to a great new-to-me blog!

    I hope your weekend starts tonight. Screw this week. I foresee good things on the horizon. Big hugs from your fairy blogmother. xx-n.

  6. What a makeover! Wow love the color the applique molding..genius!
    Stop by my blog, have a beautiful giveaway, two gorgeous Murano handblown glass lamps…www.theenchantedhome.blogspot.com

  7. Find your inner Scarlett O’Hara, sweet Naomi! Tomorrow is another day and you will rock it and end on a high note! BTW, Ikea makeover = genius. I’m properly inspired. 🙂

  8. Ashley

    Bri’s genius is making me jealous. Your shitty week is making me sad. Here’s to the promise of the weekend, lady!

  9. Usually IKEA hacks make me want to hack, but Bri just took it to the next level!

  10. oh this is pretty fantastic…

    just think Thursday means one day closer to Fri then Fri is closer to the weekend.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  11. Damn, that’s an amazing hack.

    I really hope your week gets better, and that this weekend brings you sleep and good food and lots and lots of drinks.

    Next week: commence ass kicking!

  12. This is wonderful and I love this idea, it looks like Bri is quite the amazing DIYER, I am impressed!!!KS

    PS Sorry your week was crummy. I think you have the right attitude, You know it will be better and you will get back on top, You go girl!!! KS

  13. Whaaaat?? That can’t be the same dresser! She is so talented!

    And I hope your weeks gets better! 🙂

  14. No THANK YOU for the blog love! I really appreciate it. A lot. Inspiration comes and goes don’t sweat it that’s why we have blogs and magazines, just soak in their goodness!
    Btw my laptop also crashed yesterday and I lost some crap too. I guess our laptops had this planned. lucky for me we have a desk top and my laptop will soon be laying in my backyard. In pieces and buried.

    Thanks girl!!!

  15. First off, sorry you’ve had a crappy week- hate that! Computer troubles are the worst:( Secondly….WHAT- this is insane!!!! I have seen so many of these lately and this one is WAY up there as fabulous. Have to check out more.

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