a rainy day registry of colorful accesories

I’m making myself a dream registry.  Just Because.  It’s a little late for gifts for my birthday, and quite early for a wedding, but sometimes it’s just fun to have pretty things to lust after.  Per usual, I’m craving colorful accessories from all over the globe.  Shapely pieces.  Texture.  A little gold.  All the good stuff!

1. Birdcage, Crate and Barrel $99.95, 2. Watercolor Petals Dinner Plate, Anthropologie $24, 3. Malachite Jewel Box, Furbish, $115, 4. Lame porcelain Vases by Arteriors Home, Classy Cottage $300 for set of 3,  5. Parasol, Wisteria $299, 6. Capiz Chandelier, Nature Company $149.95,  7. Ripe Melon Pull, Anthropologie $6, 8. Cloisonne Chrysanthemum Pull, Anthropologie $10,  9. Tinned copper soup Tourine, The Loaded Trunk $200, 10. Vintage Suzani Pillow, Jayson Home and Garden $550,  11. Moroccan Tea Glasses, Furbish, $32 for set of 4,   12.  Cockatoo Birds, Revival Home and Garden $155-$275,  $6, 13. Vintage Indian Poster, Loaded Trunk $75,   14. Carthage Lantern, Maison Luxe $42-180,

  1. Wow so many goodies!! Love the parrots, the gorgeous floral plates and those pink pulls….all stunning and such great inspirations!!

  2. Well, my birthday is coming up so feel free to ship all that to Denver in early May.

  3. Such gorgeous things! I’d love to shop for you! That chandelier is beautiful and at $150 a steal!

  4. I’m just fantasizing about that oh-so-rad malachite jewel box…it’s so gorgeous I’m gonna *DIE*!!! I hope you’ve seen Despicable Me or that won’t make as much sense as I intended…(c:

  5. I found $14 at homegoods for $15, very pleased! Love love love that malachite box, need it!

  6. Wow the birds and the malachite are my favourite! I am happy I found your blog…

  7. I have been so craving malachite lately and that box would suit me just fine. I’m hoping to do some faux malachite in the near future. Can’t get it out of my head!

  8. Ashley

    Okay, so everything’s awesome, but let me say right now that I’m calling malachite as the next big thing.

  9. Gareen

    Ooh, those lame porcelain vases are exquisite! Those pink pulls are also out of this world. So vintage/modern!

  10. That vase (number fourteen) is so gorgeous! I adore white accents like that. Personality but neutral to go anywhere!

    I Love your rainy days! Great finds.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    That Girl in Pearls

  11. How did I miss this chandelier?? For $149?? Done and done. I NEED to own this.

  12. Oooh, girl — what a list! The chandy is a steal!!! Buy that sucker and hang it up, pronto.

  13. Checking out those knobs. I’m doing a bit of salmon pink in my upstairs living room.

  14. Robin

    Well, you can go accessory shopping for me anytime lady, I’ll take it all!

  15. Too funny! It’s always good to have things you dream about! :)

  16. Ha. A dream registry. Love it. I would add that yellow birdcage to mine too.

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