A look to covet- red and teal

I was perusing a summer issue of Lucky Magazine (I’m way behind on my reading, ok?)  and came across a look that made me instantly smile.  Even though summer is fading into fall, I still think I could rock a flirty scarlet sleeved dress.  Paired with cute accessories and just the right touch of teal and this makes me feel energized and happy.

Robert Couturier does the red-teal look just right too.  It’s such a punchy combo, yet in his rooms it’s class all the way.

Do you mix red and teal in your fashion, or in your home?  And most importantly, could you rock a head scarf?  I always feel incredibly silly when I try, but my sister Meg can pull it off.

  1. Red in small doses is good……but too much is bad…like going outside the lines when wearing red lipstick 🙂 And if I wore a head scarf, I would be used as an example of “what not to wear”….for sure.

  2. Another perfect color combo here…the head scarf on this chick makes me want to try one but I know everyone would laugh at me!

  3. Red and aqua amaze me with their endurance as a couple. It’s so pretty though, I can understand why. Love the last image particularly! But even the first – I love how you’ve shown that it can take on a more boho slant than I’ve seen before.

  4. NO WAY I’d even attempt the head scarf, but I’m all over a teal/red outfit combo.

  5. I love the color combo and that last room is one of my favs! I feel ridiculous in a head scarf. I think it’s because I’m too uptight or something.

  6. Red and teal are such a bright vibrant color palette, but I don’t use them enough together. I’m adding teal to my living room, perhaps I’ll add some pops of red as well.

  7. Love the colour combo even though I shy away from red in my house…other than in the red heads room that is. And wish I could do the scarf but I’m pretty sure I’d look completely rediculous.

  8. Love the color combo too. Still have not tired of teal. It pumps me up.
    One day I will own a rug like the one in the last image. One day soon let’s hope.

  9. I would look like an F.O.O.L. in a head scarf. I’m barely cool enough to pull off a regular scarf.

    But I’m totally cool enough to pull off red and teal in my house…loving this combo!! Seems like a tough one though, like everything would need to be super luxe or it could come off a little cheapy. Hmmm

  10. I hate red but still somehow love that living room. And red lipstick. And red nail polish. Okay that’s it.

  11. Lily

    Love the color combo…the outfit is SO cute and love the last room !


  12. Erin

    I have a pin head, so head scarves are not my friend.

    Red and teal, on the other hand, are quite loverly.

  13. Chelsea

    Um, no, I can not rock a headscarf. A headband, pom pom, flowers…but I just can’t make the scarf work. Anyways, I love that color combo. I think it is great for transitioning into fall.

  14. Perhaps its all about attitude? Have to have attitude to pull of teal and red, have to have attitude to pull off a head scarf. I don’t think I can do either 🙂

    Red doesnt look good on me anyway and we shouldnt decorate with colors that we dont even like to wear, right? Teal, that I can get behind.

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